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  1. Thanks again, folks. I tried the "cheap" stuff first- everything seemed right. So I just changed the oil, filter, dry-sump thing, and went for a long ride. No problems. I think with my old oil and the extreme heat of the day, I must have overheated the cdi or something... -drk
  2. Thanks again, everyone. Life (parenthood) is conspiring against my having time to work on this. I will definately post the results... -d
  3. Thanks, everyone. No time todayto fiddle with it, but I will run through all those things tomorrow. Trailryder, I just have that standard hose that goes from the cap up through the handlbars and down the down tube... is that what you mean? COULD this have been related to engine overheating? I'm about to do a fairly long and committing ride in the Nevada heat, and I'm a bit nervous... If it turns out to be electrical, ok, but... oh well, I guess I just have to ride until it heats up again to see. Thanks again. -drk
  4. So, I have an '02 XR 400 and I ride a lot but am really bad about maintenance. The other day I was with some buds and we were flying along at about 60 mph. Engine just quit. Nothing. Coasted to a stop in the middle of nowhere. Tried a bunch of remedies; fiddled with plug wire, checked for gas to carb, etc. Then, just when I thought I'd blown a valve or a head gasket or something, it fired right up... Rode another fifteen miles or so and then it did the same thing again... had to be towed back to the truck. Then, when I got back, it fired right up again. My friends were laughing at me. I was a HOT day, maybe it's heat related? (I haven't changed the oil as oftern as I probably should.) Can a valve seize and then relax as it cools? Thanks for any advice... -drk
  5. I just have to say that with a couple of exceptions this is one of the best discussions I've seen here.... 5to1, thanks for keeping us posted on your progress. I'm on the steep learning curve too and find myself laughing and crying, slamming my head into a wall and cracking a celebratory beer in the same minute... Thanks again, -d
  6. turns out that the one I have is just the standard BD setup. thanks to everyone who helped out. -d
  7. Nope, I didn't fall, Rebel, but I deserved to... as soon as I hit I stuck my feet out on the tailgate and grabbed the brake. BTW, I'm still looking; maybe I don't know what to call the piece. I've been searching under "headlight replacement plastic." Is there a name for that whole front piece? Do I have to buy the whole headlight, too? thanks -d
  8. Many thanks... I'll try those. And I told a friend I'd post what happened... so here 'tis... It was early in the morning... long shadows, etc. I rode my damned bike right into the cross-bar of my lumber racks while loading it into the truck, having forgotten I'd put the bar back on there. Tomorrow's project? A bright yellow stripe on that bar. -d
  9. Help! I've broken the headlight cover and the big plasic piece that holds the blinkers and covers the wires and all... Stupid, thoughtless boner move. I've spent some time searching for replacement plastics but I'm having no luck so far. Any suggestions for a source? Sheepishly, -d
  10. Thanks everyone, very helpful discussion. -d
  11. Thanks D1k, I was mis-informed about the air. I thought I was s'posed to let the air out periodically. Learning more every day. -d
  12. Well, I finally did what trailryder suggested, and the forks do seem a bit stiffer. I also turned the little screw and let some air out. I assume that's what the scre is for. But, about that "flush with the top of the clamps" thing.... I have four little rings visible above the top of the clamps. Should that not be? And if not, Is it just a matter of loosening all the clamps and sliding the whole front end down? Thanks a lot, -d
  13. thanks, trailryder, I'll try those things after work today... -d
  14. I have an 02 XR400. I hit a rock at about forty mph. It pinched the tube and flattened the front tire. No problem there, but I rode again yesterday and it feels like the front end is way too soft now. Every little bump is a shock... I'm a rookie at this stuff... could I have done serious damage to my front end? Is a fork rebuild something your average bloke attempt? Could I have just blown a seal or something? Adjustment? thanks, in advance. -d
  15. Same reason Toyota killed the smaller Tacoma... they were simply too good. -d