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  1. dbking321

    03 ttr 225

    any idea how much i need to put in?
  2. dbking321

    03 ttr 225

    ok thanks
  3. dbking321

    03 ttr 225

    first off please dont turn this in to a o the ttr225 sucks and is ugly thread. ok so i have a 2003 ttr225 that is a great bike i was just wondering if there are any easy suspension mods i can go to the bike im just looking to get it a little stiffer. i dont need it to be big jump stiff just enough to get the job done in the wood and a small jump every now and then. thanks in advance
  4. dbking321

    1985 honda xr200r advice

    i just recently traded my atv and 150 for a 85 xr200r it is the rfvc so i have the twin carbs. i have seen alot of mix emotions on this bike so what should i start off by doin i going to change the oil n clean it up i know i should put synthetic in but what else. thanks in advance
  5. dbking321

    drag or track

    i dunno i have a ttr and a crf and in the short run it would win cause its lighter so less to move but after 3rd gear range the crf just takes off
  6. dbking321

    230F dilema

    did you check ot see if you had a spark?? if so pour a lil gas in the cylinder were the carb goes see if it fires. if it does its ur carb
  7. dbking321

    spoke wrench

    got one just a cheapo for now
  8. dbking321

    spoke wrench

    http://www.motosport.com/offroad/productDetail.php?prodId=103474&nav=&sMMY=HONDA;CRF150;2003 what size, i want to be able to do my crf 150 n ttr 125 ?
  9. dbking321

    another jettin?

    im gonna order it off line they prolly wont have it in stock #^$$in dealer
  10. dbking321

    another jettin?

    thought so thanks
  11. dbking321

    another jettin?

    http://houseofmotorcycles.bikebandit.com/partsbandit/oem_schematic_view~schem_dept_id~1134532~section_dept_id~1~section_dept_name~OEM+%28Stock%29+Parts~dept_type_id~2~model_dept_year~2003~model_dept_mfr~Honda~model_dept_id~1132585~model_dept_name~CRF150F.asp still only up to a 108
  12. dbking321

    another jettin?

    ok looks like ill buy getting a 110 get tonight damn dealer
  13. dbking321

    another jettin?

    ok ill keep that in mind but my 108 ill work right? just tryin t omae sure before i open it
  14. dbking321

    air box mod

    a good idea im woried about water tho
  15. dbking321

    another jettin?

    any one else have anything to say?