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  1. Just to follow up in case anyone else has this model motorbike, I found what I was looking for on this website, which has the parts list break down: http://www.cmsnl.com/honda-qa50_model285/
  2. I have a 1970 Honda QA50 (was my first motorcycle back in 1973) and I am trying to get it ready for my son (5 years old) to ride. I did a top end rebuild probably 20 years ago and haven't touched it since. I tried riding it the other day and it got very hot to the point of vapor lock and it stopped running. After cooling down, it would start and run fine until getting hot again. I checked the oil level and it was fine. I thought I might have a problem with the oil pump circulation, but after tearing down the right side of the case, it doesn't seem to have an oil pump, at least in the location similar to the z50 model. Is anyone familiar with this particular engine and if so, could you offer some hints as to what might be causing the overheating issue? Thanks, Doug