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  1. adventure moto

    DR-z400 k

    look at the website adventure-moto and go to the rental page and see a pic of one. For some reason I cant post attachments. I can tell you that the head light is smaller than the US bike and their are some other small differences. the vin is only 9 digits long. i am sure i have a 2005 and a 2006 but the rest are 2001 -2004...
  2. adventure moto

    DR-z400 k

    well its a elec start. no vin number just the number off production line. these are japan bikes made for the japan market ( not ment fr export ) i have 7 of them.
  3. adventure moto

    DR-z400 k

    does anyone know much about the drz 400-sk? how do i tell the year of the bike?