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  1. What the hell is that thing? I have an 09 yz450f and its the best bike ive owned to date, but if the new yamis look like this, i will definitely switch brands when it comes time to get a new one. I mean really can u say copy cat? suzuki looking frame, husq rear fender and shrouds, ktm front fender and jsut ugly as hell.
  2. The new 09 crf450 is on Racer X website. I personally think its pretty ugly. The front fender looks like suzukis the exhaust wraps around the front frame lookin like a DRZ or trail bike, plus its made of steel, can you say RUST! HEAVY. They tried to copy yamaha with the shorty exhaust but did not do as near of a good job. But Honda managed to save ALOT of weight else where. The ONLY things i like is the new LIGHTER subframe, EFI , HSPD and overall weight loss of the bike down to 234 lbs. I think KAWI is gonna be the best bike this year. and i have a 06 honda and just bought and 09 yamaha.