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  1. Hey Man I'll have to check on the rest of the specs but its like a (Yellow) 1970s bike like you guys said, but the cool thing is that it has the original tires and everything. It has only 1200 some odd miles on it:ride: , been garage kept, so the paint job is still very much intact like new. And I'll try to eventually get some pictures after I borrow my sis's digital camera (I don’t have one yet lol) And Im not sure what you mean by down pipe or what ever, I dont know much about bikes to be honest. ~Jon:eek:
  2. I was given a 185cc Suzuki dual sport bike- which is about all know about it or about riding dirt bikes for that matter. I've always been fasinated by dual sporting, and my 18 year old self:prof: would finally like to get into the hobby of dirt bikes. So Whatever advice, discrouragment, or encouragement you guys would like to throw my way would be appreciated! ~Jon:worthy: