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  1. General Lee

    We will ride in SoCal for a month!

    Hehee, sounds great do meet some of you guys and girls! Just some days left and the trip will start! C u there Thomas
  2. Hi there I recieved an offer for renting a 31" Fun Mover. After realising that 4 adults won't find enough place to sleep in it, I'm wondering where i could rent a bigger one. Location for rent: L.A. from 14th Feb 08 - 14th. March 08. thanks Thomas, Switzerland
  3. General Lee

    Best OTD price on 08 250F

    Salü Rob Es kommen momentan laufend Offerten rein von verschieden Internationalen Transportfirmen, ich kann dir zur Zeit noch keine definitive Antwort geben. Die günstigste Variante ist zur Zeit per Flugfracht um ca SFr. 550.-- (ca. 325€). Es wir daber sicher noch was schlaueres geben. Wichtig sind einfach die Zollpapiere, ansonsten hast du eine neue Maschine die am Zoll auf dich wartet... RV/Fun Mover sind wir auch noch am abklären. Wir sind ja dann total 1 Monat ab Mitte Feb. 2008 drüben (Ich nur 2.5Wochen). Gruss Thomas
  4. General Lee

    Best OTD price on 08 250F

    Yeah! That's right. The $ is just sinking down! I was used to pay roughly 1.8-2 Swiss Francs for a $, now its only 1.10 Swiss Francs. Anyhow, its cheaper than in our country. The price for a new bike(doesnt really matter what brand) is almost double! ...and nowhere else such excellent condition for a break in than in california;-)) Thomas
  5. General Lee

    08 Otd

    Yeah, probably on that reply from that dealer you might be right, but just search on yahoo local... I found already KXF's for 4999$ without buying a bulk... Thomas
  6. General Lee

    08 Otd

    @doofosmitch read that thread...-I just found a cheaper one @ Chaplin Thomas
  7. General Lee

    Best OTD price on 08 250F

    Chaplin Kawa answered my email (asked for 4 KXF): 5400$ each. Thomas
  8. General Lee

    Your Best Husky Pic From 07!!!

    What do you mean with "that crazy"? I'm selling those Vans:thumbsup: I'll be never in a clinch with a bike transport ;-) Pick ups in Switzerland are not so commen, due to the high gas prices...1l = ca. 1.7$ Most of us in Europe are driving Vans, they use ca. 12l Diesel/100km (ca. 20mpg) Thomas
  9. General Lee

    Your Best Husky Pic From 07!!!

    Me and my 06 250 TC in Schweyen(France) in Weite (Switzerland) Detail Thomas
  10. General Lee

    Best OTD price on 08 250F

    Sorry to interupt your Thread, but I won't post the same topic again. I'm also locking for a good price in CA, me and some friends we'll be in February 2008 there for a month. Has anybode an idea where to get 4 KX250F in LA or around? Thanks for any input Thomas, Switzerland
  11. General Lee

    Pics of Where you Ride

    I think you guys in the States have no clue how good you have it! I was reading alooking through the complete thread...and this was just awesome. Not i any point to compare to Switzerland! ok, yeah also big mountains, rivers etc...but it's complete forbidden to go offroad with your bike. There are +/- 5 MX tracks in the country, that's all. Fellas, enjoy what you allday are able to ride! Thomas
  12. General Lee

    Where to buy in LA?

    Hi new2blue450 I'll be around Pasadena, my girlfriend will participate at the New Years Parade in her Orchestra. I've already seen that BTO isn't that far away, but I might have to rent a car... Thanks Thomas
  13. General Lee

    Where to buy in LA?

    Hi there I'm visiting the city LA in this December/January (10 days, just 1 to buy MX equipement ). Where are some stores/outlets with a wide range of MX-Products? cheaper ones? Looking for jerseys, pants, gloves and boots(Sidi). Thanks for any idea or adress! Thomas
  14. Hi Mike There are some goods tracks around Stuttgart(South-East, Obernheim), were going sometimes for a training to Germany, Switzerland just has a few MX-Tracks. It's around 1.5h to drive from Zurich. C u Thomas
  15. Its in Germany, but they are really good looking... Thomas Added - they seem to make graphics, but also sell plastics & carbon stuff others make. .