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  1. harwood1319

    TTR 90 idle problems

    Ok, mystery solved. There is supposed be an idle adjustment screw assembly - and it is missing ... grrrr.
  2. harwood1319

    TTR 90 idle problems

    I recently bought a 2003 TTR 90 for my daughter. The carb needed a good cleaning to get the motor to idle properly. I'm a bit puzzled about setting the idle speed, however. The manual shows an idle adjustment screw, but I can find no such thing on the carburetor. It seems that the only way to set the idle speed is with the cable adjuster(s). I can get a smooth low idle when the handlebars are straight, but when they are turned in either direction the engine speeds up considerably. Not a good thing on a bike with automatic clutch in the hands of a relatively inexperienced youngster I checked the routing of the throttle cable and it appears to be correct according to the manual. Any help or advice would be much appreciated. James
  3. harwood1319

    Trail Tech Vapor Set-up?

    So I connected the red tach lead directly to the orange wire going to the ignition coil, and now the tach works perfectly Thanks again Geoff.
  4. harwood1319

    Trail Tech Vapor Set-up?

    Thanks for the tips Geoff. I will give them both a try.
  5. harwood1319

    Trail Tech Vapor Set-up?

    I recently bought a 2002 Yamaha WR426 with a TrailTech Vapor installed. The seller said that the Tachometer worked once only and not since. The sensor consists of a black and red wire. The black was grounded at the coil mounting bolt, and the red was wrapped around the spark plug lead about 12 times very close to, but not under, the boot. Is this correct? I tried disconnecting the black wire from the ground, and various other ideas, but nothing would work. Perhaps the tach circuit in the unit is fried? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.