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  1. cdro

    WR290R Upgrade

    This kit is worth every $.....
  2. cdro

    WR290R Upgrade

    Not sure how they tuned it (emissions or no emissions) but there are two ways of installing the GET. (race and no modifications) My bike doesn't feel lean at all. My friend has an 05 yz250f and we exchainged bikes throughout the day yesterday. There is so much more power with this kit that my wrr felt almost like my friends yz250f. (obviously power alone)
  3. cdro

    WR250r or DR-Z400s ??

    I wish my wrr was a 450 but I have it where I want it. I did pull some $$$ into it but I would have done the same reguadless of the bike. It has no problem taking me to 80mph and still ripping a single track. I don't race but if I did I'd get a ktm. For what I do this bike is perfect. Nice and reliable.
  4. cdro

    1983 xr500 brake drum

    I have an 84 and I love this bike but the brakes suck! I use my rear brake alot but those drums are scary. I wonder if there's a disc conversion kit out there. Anyone know of a kit?
  5. cdro

    WR290R Upgrade

    My bike didn't run well at all and I thought I did something wrong. The idol was rough and she sounded like she had a vacuum leak. Turns out my FMF programer was the problem. It was the old one that didn't have the correct fuel parameters so I had to send it in to the manufacterer to get reprogramed. I wasn't sure how long it would take so I hooked up the progamer that came with the kit. I was initially hesitant about using it because it looked like I needed to hack into my ignition wiring. Suprisingly, the kit was easy to install and didn't require me to cut any wires. It comes with the scotch lock type things that kinda tap into the wires. There are 2 settings. #1 is for modified engines (for the modified setting you simply don't hook up the grey wire) and #2 is for unmodified engines. When I started my bike she immediatly sounded better. Nice and smooth. I took her for a spin and I could deffinately feel way more low and mid range power. I put a tank of gas through her and she feels better and better. Now I'm not sure that I want to go back to the FMF...
  6. cdro

    Wr250r Athena info

    Thanks that was the problem. I sent my programer off today. I hooked up the programer that came with the kit and my bike runs great. Lots more low end. She kinda goes flat up top though...
  7. cdro

    Wr250r Athena info

    Okay so she's back together and running. I'm noticing a kinda rough idol though and also the bike seems to caugh and die. Is this a vacuum leak? Seems like the bike runs better the longer she runs. Tomorrow I plan on riding about 60 miles so I gues I'll find out alot...
  8. 84 xr500 with new brakes, love that torque...
  9. cdro

    Wr250r Athena info

    I have an 09wrr with an athena 290 kit. The mods that I have done are powerbomb, gytr pipe, air flapper thing removed, and k&n. There are so many completely different number combos (for the fmf programer) on all the threads that I pretty much have no idea what combo is the best. Anyone have similar mods and Dino numbers?
  10. cdro

    WR290R Upgrade

    I have an FMF programer. The kit comes with a similar device. Not sure which one works better but I guess I'll use the FMF. Anyone have any real input?
  11. cdro

    WR290R Upgrade

    Just got mine today. I got it for $775.00 and I think I'm going to install the kit myself...
  12. cdro

    wrf wheels on a wrr?

    Wow that sucks. Oh well. Thanks for the reply.
  13. I have an 09 wrr. Im sick of duel sport tires. (not as good on the trails and not as good on the street). I want 2 sets of wheels. I'll set on pair up for off-road only and the other for street only. The most affordable wheels that I've been seeing are from wrfs. I'm just not sure that they will fit my wrr.(the wrf wheels are late model 07 and up)