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  1. the only thing I dont understand is that the bike ran fine last season. Nothing on the bike was touched.
  2. I have a 2003 KX 250 and I just pulled it out from storage over the winter. The bike was running smoothly all of last season. Once I got the bike going if I would turn the bars to the right the bike would run wide open. I played with the throttle cable a little and no matter what Id do it would always stick wide open. It doesnt seem like its binding up in anything. Does anyone know what else could cause the throttle to be sticking? Thanks, Richard
  3. New white number plate, and sprocket cover.
  4. I was afraid it was the wrong cable, but it was odered over the phone with a part number that was right in front of me. I checked the number again when I got it, and it is the right one. And I was also afraid it wasnt, so I had a genuine yamaha cable come in to the dealer, and that is also the same thing. With the cable on there, and Ive adjusted them everyway possible, and it still dont engage the clutch. There was nothing wrong with the clutch before I replaced the cable and the bike hasnt moved since. So I dont know what could be wrong. Any more advice?
  5. Nope. Nothing else was changed. I replaced the lever and when I did I noticed the cable was in bad condition, so I replaced it.
  6. any help?
  7. Ive just replaced the clutch cable on my 250f and im having some problems getting it to work. Is there something I need to do when I connect the cable, becasue it doesnt feel right. With just connecting the cable at both ends, and adjusting it, it still feels like it has no tension, and it doesnt get pulled in enough to engage. Is it that the cable might be too long, or do I need to wind up the spring on the clutch down by the case or what? The cable I got is a motion pro. Any help will be greatly appriciated. Thanks.
  8. Yes, I can also start it with my hand. But its not the fact that it makes it easier to start. But easier for it to start everytime, usually the first time.
  9. Another thing you might want to consider when starting a 4 stroke is TDC. Top Dead Center. I had trouble starting mine at first. What you want to do is kick the starter down slowly until you feel the compression. Once you find the compression, bring the kick starter back up, and then give it a good kick. But it shouldnt be that hard to start, im guessing theres another problem. But having it at TDC should allow you to get it started usually on the first kick everytime.
  10. Ive just replaced the 2 oil seals, and the bearing that are behind the waterpump and I am still getting coolant leaking into the base. Any other idea's to what could be wrong? Thanks!
  11. No the bike was not brought to a dealer, the dealers in this area have no knowledge of these bikes, nor can they get parts in for them. I went to order a oil filter one time, and the guy said thats the first time hes ever seen one like that. And they dont sell mx bikes, theyve only brought in one 250f. I removed the engine myself, and brought it to someone I knew. Once it was done I put the waterpump back in it, and didnt line it up properly. And I ruined the teeth on the gear. So after I replaced that, that was when it started leaking coolant. Theres also 2 oil seals behind the waterpump, that I didnt replace and Im not sure on how to remove them from the case. I can only get the top one off. and on the other side there is a bearing, and another seal in the middle. Richard
  12. The bike just had all new factory yamaha gaskets put on it including the head gasket. And was only started once since it was put back together since I realized coolant was getting into the base. The oil I drained out of it was a milky color.
  13. I own a 04 YZ250F and I just recently had some tranny trouble. After replacing the gears, and shifter forks there is now coolant leaking into the base. Can anyone tell me the possibilities that could cause this? And would anybody know how to get the bearing out that is on the right side case behind the waterpump. I got the oil seal off thats on the opposite side as the bearing, but im afriad to do any damage to the bearing. Thanks, Richard
  14. I dont have a 450 but I have an 04 250F. I was in the same position as you, not liking the length of the pipe. I went ahead and cut it off about 2 1/4 inches. Its hard to say if I gained or lost any performance, if I did, its not enough to notice a difference. Its also not much louder, you wouldnt be able to tell but it does look much nicer!