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  1. AVLHosting

    Best lookin YAMAHA

    That frame has to be a PITA to clean (polish) all the time.
  2. If they put that on dirtbikes.. going through whoops would be like going down a straight. Then the people with normal suspension would just always loose. If something like that does make its way around then the "90% rider 10% bike" is going to change to 50/50. And putting that in cars.. can that even be legal? Speed bumps would be nothing at all, if cops lay down spike strips "press button" and hop over it. And, it might take the fun away from cars too.. i'm not sure.
  3. AVLHosting

    action shots... lets see em

    Last one is awesome.. what kind of street bike?
  4. AVLHosting

    My TT 3D wallpaper

    Nice work! I figured i'd share some 3D art too.. It's for my company. http://www.avlnetworks.com/global/images/avl3d_001.jpg http://www.avlnetworks.com/global/images/avl3d_002.jpg Let me know what you think.
  5. AVLHosting

    AVL - MX Website Hosting

    Besides the two incomplete pages, the website seems to be just about glitch-free. I'm making these pages very detialed.. so it's going to take time. I didn't want to hold back the live date of the new website just for two pages. I may end up cutting them short, and just adding further content later.. haven't decided yet. Also, the new advertisement banner should be live on TT shortly. If anybody else would like to bug test the new website, it would be much appreciated.
  6. AVLHosting

    AVL - MX Website Hosting

    Thanks for the feedback. Should be fixed now, please check again. I'm glad you said something. -Aaron AVL Networks
  7. AVLHosting

    AVL - MX Website Hosting

    Flip through our website. To contact us you can use the contact form( http://avlnetworks.com/contact/quickcon.php ), or send an e-mail to support@avlnetworks.com If you have any questions, let me know. Regards, Aaron AVL Networks
  8. AVLHosting

    AVL - MX Website Hosting

    Just finished AVL's new advertisement banner. I'd like your feedback as well. It will be replacing the.. odd looking.. current banner we have floating around TT. http://www.avlnetworks.com/avlbanner Switches between 8 different frames and continuously loops.
  9. AVLHosting

    AVL - MX Website Hosting

    I just haven't finished coding those pages, so I left it blank. Then visitors reported that the links were broken.. so I changed it to a temporary error page. I'll should be able to get them coded soon, but other than that everything else on the website is completed.
  10. AVLHosting

    AVL - MX Website Hosting

    Thanks, I'm glad you think so. That was our main goal through the design/coding process.
  11. We have just launched our new website, and would like to hear some feed back. http://www.avlnetworks.com Aside from that, we are also giving away three free level 1 accounts for a length of 3 months. They are first come, first serve. The only requirement we ask from you is that you have general html knowledge. One thing we do not offer is design support. Too much involved, and this is normally an entirely seperate company. Our reasoning for this is to just show some of you what we have to offer, and the benefits you can acquire. One thing you will have to do is fill out a survey at the end of three months. - Kidding. To sign up just go to our order form. (Start Here -> Order Here) Click on AVL Web Hosting [sub-Domain] Fill out all information Use coupon code: FJYF97AQLKBKVMNQ If the coupon doesn't work anymore that means three people have already gotten to it. After three signups the coupon automatically becomes void. -AVL Networks
  12. AVLHosting


    Odd guy, but somewhat funny.
  13. AVLHosting

    Disk Breaks?

    Moto-Master Oversized Front Rotor - $160.00 Moto-Master Oversized Front Adapter - $70.00 Moto-Master Rear Disc Rotor - $110.00 You need the oversized front adapter to accommodate the oversized front rotor. Otherwise it all just wont fit together. Picture of Moto-Master Front Rotor & Adapter: http://www.moto-master.com/upload/images/OVERSIZE%20FLAME%20MOTOMASTER%20(2)_web.jpg
  14. AVLHosting

    YZ250 vs. deer

    You're lucky you got up. Hitting a deer is like hitting a wall. I was also going through a trail 3rd pinned. It was a wide trail but there were holes and puddles so I had to constantly move around. I could go fast because I knew where all of them were. While I was going through I saw a little ways ahead a group of three deer. One jumped real high.. almost over the trail to the other side. I wasn't sure what the other two were thinking so I hit my rear brake hard and started to slide sideways. I came to a stop and one of them was just standing in the middle of the trail.. close call as I wasnt too far away from it. A while back my riding friend had a KX85 and hit a deer going around a bend. He was carrying speed and wrecked the whole front of his bike. Luckily he didn't get hurt. I think someone else from TT actually hit a cow.. imagine that.
  15. I was uploading images while watching that video. Look at a still image of Reed through the whoops. I'm sure they are all like that, just thought it was crazy on how fast they blitz through them. I go one by one, they go three by three.. almost like their hitting a small jump. http://www.avlhost.com/exgallery/displayimage.php?album=random&cat=0&pos=-3 Click the picture to enlarge.