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  1. danny14gnx

    cr500 AF ultimate bike?

    yea but service honda has crazy prices 10,000 is way out of my price range
  2. Well im sure its been done and i think this would be the perfect bike. The power of a huge 2 stroke with a modern frame and suspension from somthing like a 07 450r, so i wanted to know how hard it is is to get an old cr500 motor into a newer aluminum frame and what is the best frame to use. Also what trouble would i get into as far as what works and what doesnt fit any help wold be great thanks.
  3. danny14gnx

    Complete idiot on a dirtbike!

    Actually that guys a mx rider he was on stunt junkies on discovery channel forgot his name he jumped the airplane or w/e it was
  4. danny14gnx

    Is a cr 250r to big for me?

    Would you think its to powerfull for trails mostly muddy trails? thanks for the info
  5. danny14gnx

    kdx 200

    Is the kdx 200 smaller than a cr 250 becuase im 16 5'7 145 pounds and it feels to big i have to tippy toe so what would you guys think fits me 85's feel perfect but to wimpy aslo is there a way to lower the bike like smaller rims lowering link suspension how many inches can it be dropped i do alot of trail riding so i need to put my feet down
  6. danny14gnx

    Is a cr 250r to big for me?

    Well im a novice rider started on some ktm 50 2 strokes moved to a crf 150 to slow so i really wanted somthing powerfull and a 2 stroke. I looked at the 07 250s they are kinda big for me to ride especially through trails. Im only 16 im 5'7 145 pounds do you think im to short for the bike? Also what can i do to lower it and are there any years that are smaller compared to the 07?
  7. danny14gnx

    yz400 vs crf450 video!!

    You cant beat honda reliability dont know about the valves though minds has been running perfect for 3 years with barly any maitenance
  8. danny14gnx

    rev box

    One question if it changes the power curve and puts the power down low like everyone says then that would take the power from the top and mid range right since its not giving you any extra hp Also that dyno is from 2004 maybe a recent one would show somthing different not saying its going to give more power also anyone seen the tokyo mods rev box? They claim its the best one with most power and supposebly theres a difference between the red revboxes and the black ones red being better this is what i hurd.
  9. danny14gnx

    Performance Ignition Box

    Has anybody used the tokyomods revbox supposebly it actually does make a difference but im not going to bother
  10. danny14gnx

    <HELP> 2003 CRF150 Idle's to high when warm?

    for some reason minds is backwards it idles high when i start it and idles lower when it warms up anybody want to answer this?
  11. danny14gnx


    Your right my bad it has the same background and everything as this vid except theres an atv in this 1 my bad but you got to admitt they look very similar
  12. danny14gnx


    thats not you ive seen that vid a couple weeks ago
  13. danny14gnx

    <HELP> 2003 CRF150 Idle's to high when warm?

    Its called an idle screw very simple fix but while your there you might as well jet it take out the baffle in the exhuast and open up the airbox
  14. danny14gnx

    crf 150 bogging out

    alright i guess ill just have to live with it
  15. I was thinking could i make the 150 into the 230 just buy buying the head and pistons? Would there need to be any poring and matching and what abou the valve train?