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  1. Dave, Are the improvements of a 453 kit (Thumper Racing) worth doing on a new bike? I am just back into riding (mostly single track and some hillclimbing, etc).
  2. Mr Pig

    400 XCW Overheating

    Got it ordered this morning. Thanks for the info.
  3. Mr Pig

    400 XCW Overheating

    Where did you find the fan in stock?
  4. Mr Pig

    I want more power from my ktm 450 xc

    On my 400 XCW I went looking for the same fix. I installed a lighter flywheel (about 25%) from Trail Tech and made some more adjustments to the carb per James Dean. I've seen a huge difference in response. The flywheel was relatively inexpensive. The installation took about 45 minutes.
  5. Mr Pig

    400 XCW Overheating

    I have an '07 400 XC-W. The fans have been backordered for awhile, but I'll install as soon as my dealer gets mine in. I installed a coolant recovery tank from RLRproducts.com. It's an easy, cheap installation. I have the assurance that the coolant (Engine Ice) stays with the bike when I do overheat.
  6. Mr Pig

    ArmorAll on plastics

    I've been using the Armour All pre-moistened wipes. No more overspray. They clean hard to reach places like the radiator guards, hoses, etc... I do not notice excessive dust problem.
  7. Mr Pig


    I have an Ogio. I bought an extra 2ltr bladder, and it will hold both of them. I was running out of water on our longer rides. There's room for tools, keys, etc. It's a great pack.
  8. Mr Pig

    first ktm.. loving it+ jd "q"

    Check out Coffee's video "how to rejet a Keihen FCR carb" in the Technical Forum under Intake/Carburetion. It'll show you how simple it is. Be careful pulling the fuel screw out....you'll see in the video the washer and o-ring. They're easy to lose. Mine got stuck in the carb, so I used a paperclip to fish them out. The rest is very straight forward.
  9. It's on my KTM 400 XC-W, and I'm ordering one for my son's CRF 250X. The GPR is a great in ruts, rocks, roots, sand, hill climbs with loose baseballs, etc. I found myself steering towards trash to see how it would handle. Big difference. I trashed my thumb earlier this year on a slow fall that likely wouldn't have happened with the GPR. I ride with it on 2.5, so I really don't notice any arm fatigue.
  10. Mr Pig

    Mounting Hand Gaurds...

    This came from the Quick Tech Tips section. I'm going to use it next time I need to install a set. "If you run barkbusters of one sort or another and need to cut out the end of the grips, go spend $1.99 on a 12" length of 3/4 inch copper pipe. Slide one grip on each end, stand the pipe up on a block of wood, and smack it good a couple of times on the upper end with a mallet. You'll get exactly what you need cut out of the ends; because the pipe is slightly smaller than your bars, the grips whould come on and off easily--use a little water to get them on if you need to.
  11. I have made the identical adjustments to my 05CRF250X with the exception of the Boyesen Quick Shot. Can you determine the help that it contributed to your performance gains?