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    2007 WR450 Help!!!

    I just got my 2007 wr450f last week and from what I can see, Dynojet and JD (very much encouraged from the site) both have jet kits. If you don't care about the bottom end. (desert riding etc.) then just cut the throttle stop down to 18.3mm (instructions are on PDF from Dynojet.com) and make some subtle exhaust mods at the cone on the stock pipe. (which is rather attractive compared to the old XR pipes of yore). From what I can gather, if you do need your bottom end (slippery stream crossings threading trees etc) then you need to cut or disconnect the gray wire modify the pipe at the cone some and go with a jet kit, new needle, pilot and main jet. Some have already "unsnorkled the airbox" but the bike seems plenty strong on the mid to top end with some substantial throttle on board. the chassis is a dream even at my fat old age but I had trouble with low-end to mid range transition stuff partial throttle. I'm ready to "rip the carb out" and throw $70 of jetting at it. Whoever gets good results tell us, but that's the way I am heading. Now if I could just get someone else to do it for me..........................
  2. Greetings oh jedi of jetting. I have purchased a 2007 WR450F and of course took it out for a quick ride last weekend in the woods on my property. My main complaint is a complete lack of smooth tractable power at the bottom end around those pesky trees they like to put in the woods. The bike will make great power out in the open and unlike my klx400 experiment keeps its nose up nicely in the deeper softer stuff. But it falls on its butt and stalls in slow tight stuff. Is this just a straight Dynojet kinda problem, jet kit and exhaust mods like my old XRs or have I just bought the most useless tight terrain motorcycle by mistake. I love the chassis and the kick starter but something's not right with the bottom end. I'm even willing to sacrifice some top end prowess (there seems to be plenty with the throttle stop gone!!) Thanks to anyone for their advice, Ed
  3. No, I disagree. An idiot proposed the legislation and got no fight from anyone about it. Husky411 did a great service save a copy for your own fight. Point out that there already is legislation to prevent these infractions to adjacent property owners rights and also, probably this proposed legislation started because there was a butt-head. Not all riders are good responsible people. This can be beaten or modified. I somehow picture a dust-spreading open piped idot purposefully bothering someones horses and showering roost over a fence and then telling the "jerk next door" that he was going to do what ever the hell he wanted, because he was on his own property. Had all of us been responsible and courteous, this wouldn't have come up. Use reasonable examples like lawn-mowers which also spread dust and make noise. Turn this from motorcycle to as Husky411 stated in his excellent letter everyone's problem to be courteous and the next thing you know, reasonable behavior sets in. Join the AMA, they got lawyers. Ed AMA life member