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    riding, racing, motocross, offroads, desert 100, music, guitar, basketball, running, working out
  1. Suzukikid 250z

    Anyone here run?

    I run all the time. I run cross country and track for my school. By the end of this summer I hope to be up to 55-65 miles per week. I started at about 25-35 and i'm up to around 40 miles per week right now. So far the past month and a half I have seen a HUGE change in my endurance. Whenever i go out on an hour-hour 15 run, I'm never breathing hard at all, my legs are usaully just achey. It takes a toll on your body though.
  2. Suzukikid 250z


    Easy there guys, I'm pretty sure this is just a misunderstanding. All of the stumpjumpers my dad and I have ran into over the years have been nothing but great people. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't tear up a trail intentionally (if they did, they would probably fix it). We're all family here, no need to bash each other, clubs, organizations ect. Just my .02 cents.
  3. Suzukikid 250z


    My dad and I are heading out to Taneum next saturday with a few buddies. Can anybody inform us on the trail conditions or post some current pics? how high can you get before you hit snow? Is the windfall bad? I know KTMtalk has all this information, but I'm not about to pay money for an email address just to become a member. With that said, i can't join KTMtalk so I can't read any threads. Thanks for all the help thumpies!
  4. Suzukikid 250z

    7 Mile Mishap Sunday

    rest in peace dude. such an unfortunate event that occurred, hope the boy is doing okay. ride safe.
  5. Suzukikid 250z

    Need Some Fellow TT'ers Opinions

    Thanks for all the input and responses guys. It has helped me a ton! If you have anything else you want to add, feel free.
  6. Suzukikid 250z

    Need Some Fellow TT'ers Opinions

    By the way, i'll give you the link to the bike. Do you guys think those pictures and description is detailed enough? http://seattle.craigslist.org/skc/mcy/581243735.html
  7. Suzukikid 250z

    Need Some Fellow TT'ers Opinions

    Hey guys, thanks for all the responses, I have found them very useful. The only thing that sucks is i live in Auburn and Bellingham is like 2 hours away! but i'm going to give the guy a call tonight so we can chat about what's going on.
  8. Suzukikid 250z

    How did everyone do!

    Hey Rhino, i figured out how to see the video, it was picture number 100 out of 142. Sorry for the confusion.
  9. Suzukikid 250z

    Need Some Fellow TT'ers Opinions

    Hey guys, I have a dillemma here and was wondering if anybody could give me some input. OK, so i'm selling my bike on craigslist and so far i have had 3 people from Canada contact me and are interested in my bike. For instance, right now some guy located in Abbotsford BC wants to meet my dad and I in Bellingham to buy the bike. I have heard so much about scammers on craigslist and was wondering what you guys think about this deal. The last guy was from Canada and wanted to meet me in Bellingham too. So, what do you think? Sound fishy to you? Thanks:ride:
  10. Suzukikid 250z

    How did everyone do!

    hey guys, where is the video you're talking about? thanks
  11. Suzukikid 250z

    Help me Sell my Bike

    hey guys, just wondering if you could suggest anything with my craigslist ad to spruce it up or make it more attractive and help me sell my bike. Do you guys think the pictures are attractive? Am I missing anything? Thanks . http://seattle.craigslist.org/skc/mcy/577385973.html
  12. Suzukikid 250z

    2005 or 2006 yz125

    Thanks guys, looks like i'll be going with the 06.
  13. Suzukikid 250z

    2005 or 2006 yz125

    Ok guys, i'm selling my rmz and going back to the beloved, fun, bullet proof (with regular and proper maintenance) 2 stroke:applause: . I'm sick of worrying about valves and everything else that comes with a 4 stroke. My question is what year yz125 should I pick up? it's definetly going to be an 05 or 06, can someone tell me the pros and cons of each? I'm about 5 foot 8, 135 pounds, I ride hare scrambles and woods and ride pretty aggressively. Thanks for all your input guys. By the way, sorry if i offended anyone with the 4 stroke remarks.
  14. Suzukikid 250z

    How was Belfair?

    The dad and I got some really good riding in. The weather was perfect and we were the first people there. got about 40 miles in, but ran into some DEEP puddles, drowned my bike out a few times. Overall we got some saddle time in FINALLY!
  15. Suzukikid 250z

    How was Belfair?

    Sorry about feeling ill jeff. we'll probably see you there, i remember seeing you there last winter and we parked next to you at the smuggler two years ago. I remember the distinctive little jeff stickers and flames on your Katoom.