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    Hittin' A Wall

    First, I want to thank everyone for their input! But the gold stars go to ...... GlennF and LeadDogggy!!!! In addition to the DS Kit and the Computer, I installed a key kit. It went in slick as can be and was designed to mate up with the Baja Designs DS Kit with bullet connection splicers. Well, when it came time to find power for the computer, I stuffed the leads in the bullet connector sockets, then plugged the key bullet connectors into the sockets. I was giving serious thought to replacing my CDI box, but before I spent the $$, I decided to systematically unplug the new parts. Once I removed the splicers for the key, the problem went away!!!!! I re-installed the key and found a different power source for the computer. The Red Rocker runs like a champ and doesn't skip a beat! What a relief. This was driving me totally nuts, but I am super happy now. Anyways, just wanted to thank everyone and share my stupidity to anyone who wants to read it. Thanks again!!!
  2. PTHomer

    Hittin' A Wall

    Another thought. If carburation is my problem, what are the chances that implementing Gordon's Mods would clear it up?
  3. PTHomer

    Hittin' A Wall

    I did not actually measure the float drop. I appeared to be working freely. On the rev limiter - when the problem hits, it is at 5000 rpm (not 9000).
  4. PTHomer

    Hittin' A Wall

    Update on my problem. I ran a tank of good gas with carb/injector cleaner through the beast. Still no good. I pulled the petcock out this afternoon. Is the screen set supposed to be deformed at all? Mine is in three segments; 1) screen closest to the valve was a bit deformed (limp noodle), 2) then there was a rigid part, 3) then more screen, but more cylindrical and straight. Could that be contributing to my problem? Also, something on another post caught my eye. That was a discussion of the rev limiter in the CDI box. Thinking about my circumstances, when my bike is having one of it's episodes, it sounds exactly like it is up against a rev limiter. Could my CDI box be going schizo???? Any thoughts?
  5. PTHomer

    Hittin' A Wall

    For the tach portion of the computer, you wrap 1 lead of a wire around the spark plug wire and the other lead goes to ground.
  6. PTHomer

    How to ad an Ignition Key to a XR400?

    EB, Someone mentioned the Baja Designs key. I installed it on my 400, inconjunction with the dual sport kit (key switch is not included). The key kit comes with a mounting bracket and a crimp style, in-line splicer. Cost was $29.95 part number 05-9168. I see the same BD part in Tucker Rocky, also.
  7. PTHomer

    Hittin' A Wall

    I've been thinking about what everyone has said. I've used some STP Gas Treatment 2 of the tanks of gas, but did not try injector/carb cleaner. At this point, my plan is to: 1) Ride the last of the fuel in the current tank. 2) Pull the petcock and check it and the the screen set out. 3) Check the electrical connections to the coil and such. 4) Put her back together, fill the tank, and try some injector/carb cleaner in the fuel. 5) Ride it like I stole it! Thanks for the suggestions!
  8. PTHomer

    Hittin' A Wall

    D1k, Thanks for the input. Floats looked good when I had the carb apart and the fuel line is in good shape. Its just weird. It seems totally random when it hits, but it always hits at 5000 RPM. Sometimes it will yak in all five gears in one shifting cycle, sometimes it will alternate gears, sometime it will be fine. I've tried to ease through it. I've tried to rip through it. Once it is yakin', I can back off and it will run fine at lower RPM, but it will not rev through 5000 RPM. Pull the clutch and rev till it goes through or try another gear. Crazy!?!
  9. PTHomer

    Hittin' A Wall

    Hey Y'all, first post, so please bear with me. Bought a '03 XR400R in December '06. Bike was in perfect condition, looked like very few hours. December in Idaho and iced up roads, so I didn't get to run it much before I bought it. My brother lives around the corner from the Honda shop so I just rode it over there and parked it. I want to ride it on the road, so the first thing I did was put a Baja Designs dual sport kit on it and a Trail Tech Vapor computer. So far, I love the bike. Now the problem. At random times, I will rev the engine to 5000 RPM and it will hit a wall. If you try to roll the throttle more, it boggs even more. The situation comes up in neutral or any gear. Will run fine through 1st and 2nd and it will hit in 3rd. Pull the cluch and rev it a few times till it clears 5000 and your off and runnin' again. Sometimes will cycle through the gears without a glitch. Sometimes it will hit while down shifting. I have: 1) Run a couple of tanks of gas though it. 2) Cleaned the carburator. Looked great inside, no gunk, dirt, or water. 3) Checked the valves. 4) Spark plug looked like she is runnin' a bit rich. 5) Loosened the decompression cable, just in case it was openning on its own. Okay. That's the lowdown. When I cycle through the gears, the bike feels great. Then it starts yakin' on a bone again. Drivin' me crazy. So ....... any suggestions?????????