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  1. yea RA has a track inside the 4mile track called briggs and straton track... fun place. i'll investigate the plug seal & invest in some temp strips. those should be a must !! LOL yea daytona & RA 4mi track would be a stress for our single cylinders, i'd feel guilty beating it that bad LOL thanks again. i'll let you know how it goes.. JW
  2. excellent info, thank you.. and good thought with the temp strips. where did you find those if you dont mind sharing ?? i ran the new motor hard at road america races this weekend & seemed good. i'll check the temp with a laser gun. i did have some oil coming from the wheep hole in the side of the cylinder. this is oil getting into the plug area, correct ?? i'll have to replace that rubber gasket i guess. THANKS MELK
  3. Fellow TTers.. I just rebuilt my '03 motor. Crank, main bearings, piston kit. Motor is strong & sounds great. Any clue what the approx. case temp should be ?? I'm running a CHM exhaust with little baffle, but the can seems to be getting hotter than my last setup. I haven't re-jetted yet, could this be a sign of a lean condition ?? Thanks
  4. cool... thanks for info JJ !!
  5. i tried to find a thread on what year(s) interchange cases ?? also does 450x cases interchange with 450r cases ?? im looking for the left side inner case.. thanks
  6. yea i meant the lobs on crank were facing forward, they should be to rear of bike. 180
  7. ohh see i thought i may have it at its bottom stroke and not TDC .. who knows it could have been off tooth but yea its right on now !! thanks guys for info !!
  8. guys its kinda bonehead move, last night i went over timing again & found i it 180 off... kick is perfect now & motor is a beast. i'll be riding ice
  9. thanks il check on these.. shawn can you explain what you mean with decompressor "lash" being too big
  10. Just installed new bottom end with hot rod crank.. Stock cylinder & piston/rings & head is stock w/ kibblewhite springs/valves, & stock cam. motor fired right up & compression is really good. My question is my kickstart is so hard at times it can hold my body weight (at some points in the stroke)(175lbs) ... is it normal for hot rod crank be so hard to kick.. when i take spark plug out the kickstart feels normal. is this just compression that im feeling ??
  11. Okay awhile back this motomayhem clown ripped a bunch of TTer's off,,, Basically we all bought the same parts, well in fact, they're no parts,,, I found a number to some lady & her hubby that's involved,,, They sent me some back western union ($65 of $150), thats all the $$ they had,,, Well they answer this number so if you wanna get money back or just want to call them to tell them what kinda of losers they are, heres the number... 519-752-3019 These kinda of people need to be taught a lesson TTer's, they have no room on this site amongst us honest folks...
  12. so i made a call to the latest number posted ... & backed this lady down explaining how many people are pissed blah blah blah... finally she actually western union $86.50 of the $150 they owe me. gave me a sob story, i just thought f*&^ you, i dont care. i got ripped, bottom line. & your involved so gave no sympathy. so shes broke & said she'll try to refund me the rest next week. good luck with this one guys... but she answers by jen at the number left below.
  13. OK this guy is STILL scamming people... I have already added up over $1300 STOLEN from honest people... Lets keep up the contact guys, nice work! JW
  14. sometimes policies bend for right reasons, user agreement or not. seems scammers are protected as well as somalian pirates. hmm the idea of it. well i did some ice riding & it made everything not matter much.
  15. ok so we cant get the IP bc someone brought up a legal issue? admin stand up to that & break the policy.