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  1. I am actually going leaner. The leaner I get it, the longer I can idle without it stalling on acceleration. I can now sit at idle for 20 seconds & it will only stumble and NOT die. At the 50 second mark it gets close to dying on acceleration. I keep turning the fuel screw ever-so gently- the smallest increments at a tiime, as to not make it to lean. Jesse at kientech says 3/4 turns out. I am about that now. I had a great ride today out to Neptunes net & the rock store. The fire seems pretty dead when I passed by there today. Cheers & thanks for the advice!, Espi Sherman Oaks, CA.
  2. Good Morning Sgt. Mike, At 2 1/2 turns out, my problem seems worse- to rich, what happens is the bike will run great as long as I am moving. Once I come to a complete stop for more than 20 seconds( like at a light), then I rev the hand throttle it will die on me. So the problem seems to be at idle only or at least the symtoms. Today I will take the bike for a long ride & carry my pliers with me to continue the fuel screw adjustment at long stops. Does that make sense? Thanks, Espi Sherman Oaks
  3. Thanks again for making it less foreign to me!
  4. MX Rob, Its getting better, I am still dialing it in. Is decel pop bad for the engine? Does richer mean more gas than air & leaner mean more air than gas??
  5. Does leaner mean less gas? Richer mean more gas?
  6. Awesome MX Rob! I thank you for explaining it to me. You nailed the symtoms & cause. I will make the adjustment and re post. Much appreciation, Espi
  7. Thanks MX Rob, I think I got it now... i will post tomorrow morning if it works. Do the symptoms I discribe make sense as to what needs modifying?
  8. Thanks MX Rob, After the wife puts the kids down, I will go & try the bike with those settings. What is a BST? When you say pilot screw- is that the one with the white plastic shroud around it with the spring on the outside of the screw? If so, I haven't been messing with that one. I have been messing with the one closer inwards with the flat part on the head of the screw.
  9. Just got back from riding it with 2 full turns(fuel screw) out and it was working great! Meaning, the problem was at acceleration off the line(from a total stop) the engine would sometimes die. After about 30 minutes of riding, the problem returned. Note- My 8 gallon tank was nearly empty when it was runing great. After I filled it up, it started to have the problem again. I have a FMF Q2 pipe, kientech DJ kit, airbox cut out. Please help so that my bike doesn't die @ a stop light! Thanks, Espi
  10. Which way do I turn the screw to lean it out. Would screwing it out become leaner?
  11. Hey, I just had my bike rejetted, airbox modded, & fmf installed- all from Jesse(Kientech) also had his fuel screw installed. The bike runs great, very little decel poping, but after about 30 minutes of riding, I will come up to a stop light so the bike will idle for aprox 1 min. Then I give it gas and it seems to want to die as if it is running out of gas. It happens about %50 of the time after it warms up. Other than that, its great! I have been playing with the fuel screw between 3/4 turns out to 1 1/2 turns out- It still happens. Should I try 2 or more turns out? Could this do some damage to the motor? Thanks, Espi Sherman Oaks, CA.
  12. I ordered a 1/4" skid plate and awesome Panaman rack for my DRZ400 and haven't heard back from them in over a month. Also, they never placed it on my credit card. Their website doesn't come up as of yesterday. Does anyone have their direct phone number, so I can ask if they're out of business. What a shame. They have such great product.
  13. Just got the 17 liter safari tank for my wife's drz 400s '07. The only attachment is through the top rear of tank under the seat by a rubber e brace. It seems very insecure around the radiator area with absolutely no support brace like my dr650 safari tank. It doesn't look tough enough to withstand a drop in the dirt. Any thoughts?
  14. Thanks Daddy007, Thats just what I wanted to know!!! Now I can rest assured that it will be fine up at Mineral King in the Sequiya Nation forest. I leave Friday at noon from Sherman Oaks, CA. (Los Angeles area) Cheers, Espi:applause: