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  1. I was just surprised today with a klr650! Can't wait to ride it!
  2. xr650l or klr650 - any thoughts?
  3. I believe I like the dr650se quite a bit. I know its better on road than but worse off road than the xr650l, but is it a huge difference? thanks Joe
  4. thanks for the clarification Colorado
  5. mach - Yes I have, as well as KTM, but price is too steep for me and I've heard KTMs need a lot of up keep. colorado - I'm a little confused. you say the drz is the best for 70/30 but then later you dont include it the "keep forever" list thanks guys
  6. Thanks Brandi I was going to go for a street bike but my dad insists on me getting something I can take camping(I agree) and such, and since the money will be coming out of his pocket, I got to go along with what he wants. But if I cant have a street bike, this is a close second.
  7. thanks for the input Sum Ting Yeah, the only reason I was considering the 225 & 250 was b/c I wasnt sure if I would need much power, and it would be a lil better on trails. But then again, a highway is one of the main roads here and is 30-45 in town and also I'll more than likely end up needing to go out of town on it and then it's 65. So I was probably kidding myself.Plus I'd like to be able to have the power when its needed in unavoidable situations. And you're right the 650 is most likely too much power. Know off hand how the drz would do on Highway? Thanks for the tip on the stabilizer.
  8. Not sure if anyone is looking at this thread anymore but I'll be going to check out the ones I'm interested in, see which one I'd be more comfortable on. I've sadly made my list bigger instead of narrowing it down. It's now between the xt225, klx250s, drz400, and the dr600se. leaning toward the drz and dr. But I don't know yet. Holy crap, this is stessful I've been researching everyday(about 3-4 weekes now), whenever i have spare time.
  9. this is gonna sound weird since ive been asking about smaller bikes but anyone have any experience with the DR650SE?
  10. how is the drz on trails that are tight?
  11. ok now between klx and drz would the klx be better than the drz for me due to the weight and height or would it be best to go with the drz. havent stood next to one yet. klx seems pretty big but havent sat on one yet so not sure.also how is the klx when it comes to power? I do agree, id rather grow into a bike instead of get to big for one. and yeah for most only toes on one side would work but being new to street not sure if id be comfortable with that. once again thanks to everyone who has and ones who will put in their 2 cents
  12. leaning toward the xt but still not sure. hows the drz's handling when compared to the xt. and will my feet touch the ground when at lights?
  13. how do the klx and drz compare in the tighter tracks, odviously the klx would have the advantage but how big of one? also how is the sm offroad and the s on street? thanks for the help
  14. Hi, I am looking to buy my first dual purpose bike. I've only road trails and offroad stuff before and this will be my first street legal bike. I will most likely use it probably about 70+/30- on/off road. So im looking for something leaning more toward street but wont compromise too much offroad because although it wont be used as much offroad id like for it to perform well(enough). Like I said im new to street so handling would be huge to me(at higher speeds).So far ive considered the xt225, klx250s, and drz400(not sure about the weight and height;im 6'and would like to be able to put both feet on the ground because of being new to street and weight; b/c im not sure about the maneuverablity it would have on tighter trails). And if it helps in narrowing/widening my choices im 150#'s & 6'. Also i'd like to keep it 400cc or smaller Any help would be greatly appreciated.