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  1. There are a ton of threads posted on this, do some searching. I have done both drz400 and the 110. The 110 is much easier just pop the 2 caps and set the adjustments to the specs that you find on here. My buddy borrowed my manual so Im not sure what they are right off hand but you will find them on here.
  2. I put the Two Bros aggresive springs in mine and they work great for that style of riding. Its quick and easy and the results will be exactly what you are looking for.
  3. Always do sprockets with the chain, if you look at the teeth on your sproket you will most likely see that they are wore down to the point where the teeth have gotten really thin and sharpened to a point. Time for new sprockets my friend, should solve all of your problems.
  4. First thing I would do is ask that neighbor of yours, that kid knows his stuff though most often he pretends he doesnt. Just a suggestion
  5. The play is because your bushings are shot. when you put it back together use som delrin bushings, they will last a lot longer and yes they are very simple on the inside.
  6. I will do that. Unfortunately it seems as though its just me and you in this boat. Not much info rollin in.
  7. I was thinkin it would be nice to have the extra fuel. Anyone know where I can get one or if this tank is the same as another bike that they make one for? Any info would be great. Trails at the cabn have yet to be taken by our 110s due to lack of fuel and I have learned that when you hit the reserve on the way out, that doesnt leave you enough to get back. Lol got a little too caught up in the ride. Any other suggestions? Thanks!
  8. Or maybe you got something to trade??
  9. I just might!! What is it worth??? PM me an offer and we might work something out.
  10. I should be there if work goes well. Be wearing red fmf hat
  11. And ......... Its gone, Sundog picked it up Ten min after I posted this!! Dam he is quick????? How does he do it ???? Thanks TONY
  12. I just put a full yosh on my bike and now have a full 07 sm exhaust set that I keep tripping on in a box on my garage floor so if anyone is in need of a stock set send me a pm and i will ship it to you at no cost. Anything to help the fellow drz'r!! Thanks guys:ride:
  13. Thanks guys I should have searched a little more but you know how it goes when you get all bent out of shape about something!!! Thanks again!
  14. Alright guys I need your help to sooth my brain, While checking the bolts on the head pipe I realized that the pipe itself is VERY:crazy: VERY close to the radiator and it sent me into What the hell mode!! Is this normal or is mine messed up??? It is not touching but it is so close that it bothers me!! Thanks for all your help. Tony:ride:
  15. wild wings night with a bunch of guys I dont know that ride?? Im in let me know when, have a drz400sm and also ride around the pine river/backus area.