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  1. I use Mobil 1 5w30 clutch works great trans shifts smooth
  2. I run the fatty on my 94 and i love it
  3. I have a 94 cr 250 and need to do a top end have a stock piston now and thinking about using a wiseco piston dose the 94 have a exhaust bridge and will I need to drill a hole in it?
  4. i have a 94 cr250 dose it have a bridge and do i need to drill a hole as i am getting ready for a top end thinking of using a wiseco
  5. looks good I like it
  6. man i love the picks
  7. who still makes graphics kits for a 94 cr 250r
  8. 2 stroke for ever I love it
  9. i also had that problem and replaced the cable with a non oem cable and it didnt work turned around and bought a oem cable and that fixed it hpoe that helps.
  10. Riding my friends 4 wheeler rode my 2 wheeler most all day and no problems gess i need to stick with 2 wheels
  11. I have a 94 CR250 it has a steel frame
  12. how do i tell if i have a o ring chane or not? just comming back after about 20 years from having a bike
  13. I have broken my right foot and doc says it will be 6 weeks before he thinks i can ride again so a friends mom works at a power coating company and was thinking of getting my frame re painted . I have never done a total tear down taking the moter out of the frame . Can any one give me some advice or words of wisdom .
  14. what is the best way to cleane your chane and what is the best lube to use and why?