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  1. My motor tanked for the second time about a month ago. I had it completely rebuilt less than a year ago. New case, new cylinder, completely rebuilt head (new valves, springs, seats). The *first* time it tanked was because the previous owner didn't loctite the primary drive gear to the clutch basket he installed and one of the bolts backed out. So, I paid for his stupidity. *THIS* time, the water pump drive gear BROKE in half during race and eventually punched a hole in my crank case therefore causing me to lose my oil. I didn't know this happened, basically lost all oil and the water pump wasn't pumping. Motor seized eventually. I haven't gotten completely into the motor yet but it's going to need a complete rebuild I'm sure. Chances are this will be a part bike. I paid around $1500 when all was said and done less than a year ago on this motor. I will most likely be getting a two stroke next simply because of the lower costs (initial purchase and maintenance).