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  1. Interesting. Are you thinking that the 525 flywheel is more massive and so has more rotational inertia?
  2. Do you have an XC or EXC 525?
  3. Did you consider getting the 525EXC? I was in a northern California store and the salesman told me that the 450EXC would feel "lighter" than the 525EXC on the trail. Given that they weight the same I don't get his point. I'd also like to know what the idling, first gear "creeping" speed is. I've considered replacing the EXC final gearing with the XC final gearing to reduce the creeping speed.
  4. Hi Joe, It sounds like NJ and CA have similar licensing regulations. Greg
  5. Nice looking machine. I'm trying to decide between the 450 EXC and the 525 EXC. The weight of the 400, 450 and 525 is approximately the same, but I've read that trail riders prefer the 400 or 450 over the 525. What factors made you choose the 450? Greg