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  1. +1
  2. +1 to both. I would love to go to a Supermoto school. For me personally I prefer to get off the seat like a sport bike. It's comfortable for me. But it usually ends up depending completely on road conditions. If it's cold and your tires aren't sticking well, I find it best to stick the foot out. Gives that extra control when you have no grip. Hot summer days, I more often then not come off the seat.
  3. Dang. Here in good old Tennessee a 16 year old can ride a 600cc bike. How many horses does a GSXR600 put out? I believe the DRZ stock lets out 30-32 hp.
  4. Black '06 SM 12800
  5. Oh Man! That Sucks. Glad you and the bike came out ok. Could have been a lot worse. Heal fast.
  6. Merry Christmas!
  7. I actually have seen a video of this same thing happening to a guy. Even being fake, it makes you remember why we do all the "little" maintenance each time we ride.
  8. Most definitely.....I have 4 sister all unavailable or too young. Sorry.
  9. I'd take the TT store over Jared's any day. Unless diamonds some how make the bike run better.
  10. *Note* ^^^^That road was almost solid ice. The Pilot powers made a great impression that day. Rode today in the pouring rain, and salty(chemical) roads. The roads were very slick. The pp's once again did what they do best. (kept me on the road.)
  11. As someone that has been the passenger a few times. It's a lot more comfortable then a sport bike so maybe that's the angle to go at. I think it handles better then a sport bike with a passenger too. (As long as the passenger doesn't fight you.)Of course I'm bias but I think the DRZ is sexier. I found that I allowed for more speed with the DRZ then on a sport bike. It wasn't as frightening and a lot more fun.
  12. I'm glad to see an SM make it in, but +10000 on the sound. Those Husque's sound great nice and throaty. Chased one over the mountain a few times, loved just listening to it. And his riding skills made me feel like a pro.
  13. That's awesome. It was chilly here. Glad you two had fun. We'll have to meet up for a ride on the Dragon in early spring. Glad he was once again satisfied.
  14. Damn! Glad you walked away from that. Sue the sh*t out of 'em. +1 see is you can get the bike back, depending on damage, you maybe able to even restore it, with a salvaged title. WANT TO SEE PICS!!!