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  1. RFausel

    I'm 230lb with a wr450--Suspension ???setup

    Race Tech...It is absolutely amazing if you are willing to spend the money.
  2. RFausel

    2008 WR 450 - Hot Cams??? - Please Help!!!

    I agree...Do your suspension first...BUT.. I already did...I have a full Race Tech suspension set-up...Which I highly recommend..THEE best purchase I made. EVERY aspect of my suspension is wayyy better! I would recommend Race Tech to anyone...They are awesome!!! They'll set it up exactly for what you want. Theres a reason so many pro's choose them...I cant tell you how much it will make a difference!
  3. RFausel

    2008 WR 450 - Hot Cams??? - Please Help!!!

    Im going with the Hot Cams set-up
  4. RFausel

    2008 WR 450 - Hot Cams??? - Please Help!!!

    Yeah. I checked on Ebay..I actually found a company in Ohio that had the pair of cams for 290 and another company that had them for 280..I called my local yamaha dealer (montclair yamaha) and they said they would lower the price to 150 each for me, so I think Im gunna spend a little extra just so I have that extra insurance feeling cause I know I can always go back there. I called the guys at hot cams today. Really good guys. I was impressed with their knowledge. I was told that the issues with the decompression pins is generally when people are running higher compression pistons...BUT he said if you do have any problems then they are cool with you sending them the cam to have a different length decompression pin installed.
  5. RFausel

    2008 WR 450 - Hot Cams??? - Please Help!!!

    Thanks for the heads up Chew! Sounds like the bottom end is noticably weaker...Is it worth it? Did it give a lot more power mid and top or not really? Are you pretty disappointed with the low end loss of power? How does it do on advanced hill climbs compared to when u had the wr cams...Is the WR cams better for those situations or other situations? I just want an acurate analysis of the changes (good and bad) without calling Hot Cams and speaking to a sales rep and hearing everything will be better and there are no problems. Anyone else done this mod to a WR450? What was your experience?
  6. RFausel

    2008 WR 450 - Hot Cams??? - Please Help!!!

    Awesome...Thanks a lot Don..Thats exactly what I wanted to know...So it sounds like I'll be buying the hot cams tomorrow...I'll report back on 'em when I install 'em!
  7. RFausel

    2008 WR 450 - Hot Cams??? - Please Help!!!

    How much harder would it be to start? I there any way to eliminate the difficulty? (maybe by increasing the compression or would that cause too many other issues?) Has anyone else done the hot cams mod on a 07 or 08 WR 450? What was the outcome?
  8. RFausel

    2008 WR 450 Jetting

    Forgot to add.. -WHERE I RIDE- Open desert, hills, dunes, and trail riding I generally ride around the 4,000 foot elevation (almost alway between 3,000-5,000 feet). In So Cal desert generally.
  9. I have done all the free mods and I am trying to figure our exactly what jetting specs would be recommended. I am installing an intake and exhaust cam and I am going to rejet too. I am trying to get the bike ready for open desert racing...I want to know EVERYTHING I can do to make this carb run perfect (I can get anything done..I just need to know exactly what I can do) What matters... 2008 WR 450 Hot Cams intake cam Hot Cams exhaust cam Dr.D Exhaust System Stock Jetting (still in - VERY lean now) 162 main 45 pilot NFNT needle 60 leak Has anyone heard of blocking the leak jet? (60 stock) I was also recommended to go to a 40...any opinions Here is what I was recommended in the past... 168 main jet 48 pilot jet 40 leak jet NFPP needle, 3rd down clip position. 2 small 0-rings for the AP arm. 1.5 turns out on the fuel screw WHAT DO YOU THINK??? Thanks guys!!! I really appreciate it!
  10. RFausel

    08 wr450f hard starting

    Did u try to change the starter jet?
  11. I have done all the free mods to my bike and I also have a Drd exhaust system...Its not powerful enough! I want a lot more power! I want to keep with a WR though because I like the electric starter. I am considering getting a Hot Cams intake and exhaust cam for the bike and see what difference it makes. I want to know who has done this upgrade to their bikes and what they recommend now. I have heard that I may put extra strain on the starter...Is that true? Is that the only thing with extra strain? Whats the difference between the hot cams and the yz cams? How much of a power difference did you feel when you put the cam set in? Is it worth it? I want a ton of power, but I dont want to lose the reliability. Parts http://www.hotcamsinc.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=cProducts.list&brandid=10&modelid=246&modelyear=2008&enter.x=67&enter.y=8 part # 4023 -1 IN - 169.99 part # 4044 -1 E - 189.99 Dyno Charts for the cams http://www.hotcamsinc.com/documents/support/40231IN_and_40441E_1159198299560.jpg
  12. RFausel

    Dr.D pipe

    I have a 2008 WR450 with several mods and this is by far the best power mod you can do. The power difference is phenomenal. You can finally pick the front end up on demand...which is a beautiful thing! Do all the basic mod's, get the system and you wont be disappointed in your power output. I got the complete DrD system from Qualitysmart.com for $417.86. I absolutely love it. My roommate has the stock exhaust on the exact same same bike and I absolutely blow his doors off.
  13. I have a 2008 Yamaha WR 450. I ride between 3,000-5,000 feet. I have done all the free mods and have a DrD exhaust system. I want to know what I can do to make my carb perftect. It was suggested to me in a WR forum that I go with a 168 main, 48 pilot and a 40 leak. Is that right? What would you recommend? What are all the other modifications I can do without sacrificing reliability? What is the NFPP needle and how do I put it in the third down clip position?
  14. RFausel

    2008 WR450 Carb Mods

    ALSO - Could you please explain how the shim the needle? It was recommended to me, but I wanted to get feedback before doing it.
  15. RFausel

    2008 WR450 Carb Mods

    I went to the parts store yesterday and picked up a 168 main jet, 48 pilot jet....but they didn't have 40 leak jets, they actually started at 45 and went up from there. I got a few more questions now.... Are you sure that it is a 40 leak jet that I need? What is an NFPP needle? And, how do you put the NFPP needle in the third down clip position? What are the two small o-rings I need for the AP arm (do you know what the part # is)? Thanks