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  1. Blacked Outg

    Jet Kits for Mikuni 22mm

    Anyone know where I can pick up a kit for the 22mm Mikuni on my SSR B2 Pro?
  2. Blacked Outg

    SSR B2 stiff clutch... Anyone else?

    It came routed already. I just had to put the lever on out of the box. I've moved the linkage right at the engine and right there it feels really difficult too. Obviously without pulling on the lever at the bars and just moving it at the engine you won't have much leverage but it did feel exponentially tougher to move.
  3. Blacked Outg

    SSR B2 stiff clutch... Anyone else?

    Got my SSR B2 Pro about 3 weeks ago and since the first day the clutch has been super dificult to pull. It's to the point where my left arm is dead and by my side at the end of the day. Anyway, I have checked for binding and lubed the cable. I took off the clutch cover to see how the whole set up worked and didn't see anything that looked to be out of place. The only thing that I can think is that I simply need a softer spring for inside of the housing? Maybe it just needs to broken in more and then it will loosen up? Maybe I just need to use my left hand more often? Rode my neighbor's Pitster witht the GPX and the clutch was like butter. Soo nice compaired to mine. Anyone else experienced this?
  4. Blacked Outg

    To go with Delo 400 or no?

    Yeah please do shoot the artical over. I'd like to see what you're referring to. Thanks!
  5. Blacked Outg

    Track Building tips

    Look on CraigsList for free fill dirt. I know in WA they are advertising the stuff everywhere and they'll even deliver it for free. If that doesn't work maybe call a large dump truck company and tell them what you need and see if they'll hook it up for free or at minimum charge? Worth a shot instead of your sand.
  6. Blacked Outg

    no compression

    If the gaps in the rings aren't orientated correctly? If the gaps weren't offset correctly this could maybe cause your issue? I am no engine builder and have never had an engine like this apart but I think this could theoretically do it?
  7. Blacked Outg

    To go with Delo 400 or no?

    Yeah, I'm sure there's a bunch of vodoo with this issue. I'm a factory trained Jaguar and Ford technician and I can't think of any reason how these oils would be different to the point where the diesel oil would be worse for my engine? Diesel engines handle more heat, more abuse, and vastly higher compression. I guess I'm just looking for reassurance to see if there's something that I've over looked or not thinking of?
  8. Blacked Outg

    To go with Delo 400 or no?

    Delo 400 (or other diesel oils) Guys, wondering who's running this in their bikes and what it's in? Is there any reason to or not to run this in my engine? I would rather be safe than sorry and run what the factory recommends but at the sametime if I can make my engine last longer and run cooler with greater protection than that's what I'd rather do of course. What do you guys think? If it matters to this thread and anyone cares, my bike is a SSR B2 pro that I just ride at my buddy's track every other weekend. I wouldn't consider myself at the extreme end of usage but also not at the lighter end of the spectrum. Just average riding at a track for fun. Let me know. I appreciate the responses in advance!
  9. Blacked Outg

    Shockwears cover for my B2 iShock....

    Still no responses? I thought for sure someone would know where to get these things in the correct length and diameter?
  10. Blacked Outg

    looking for new friends to ride with in Seattle area

    Yeah, I'm in woodinville. Where you ride right now? I have about 10 friends all with bikes ranging from big bored 50s to Pitster Pros and my SSR B2 pro. We have a track that we ride at in Duvall. I'm sure next time we're out there you're more than welcome to come out and ride. Do you have any tracks locally that you go to? I've been looking for some others with no luck?
  11. Blacked Outg

    Shockwears cover for my B2 iShock....

    Hey guys, anyone know where I can get a Shockwears cover for my B2 with the remote resevoir Ishock I have? Need correct diameter and length. As well as where to buy? Let me know. Thanks in advance!!!!
  12. Blacked Outg

    Tracks in WA???

    Anyone know of any tracks around the Seattle area or anywhere in WA for that matter? Looking for dirt specifically. Thanks for the help!!!!
  13. Ok, posting this for a friend who got into the market for a new bike since riding my new B2 that I received yesterday. Thoroughly impressed with 95% of the quality of the bike. Engine absolutely ripped and I haven't even opened it up all the way (proper break-in). Buddy only has a limited amount of funds ($600 to $800) and is hoping to step up to something similar to mine. I've been searching for him and can't find anything in his price range with the Jialing engine. If this bike doesn't exist anyone have any ideas of something comperable to the Jialing as well as the overall fit and finish of the SSR B2? Thanks for the help guys!
  14. Blacked Outg

    SSR Exhaust Recommendations?

    Oh yeah, one other thing I wanted to ask was about exhaust wrap.... Will this hurt my performance at all by keeping the majority of the heat in?
  15. Blacked Outg

    SSR Exhaust Recommendations?

    Outlaw: The FMF stuff seems to be decently priced will see any sort of a gain or just a change in the sound of my bike?