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  1. thumperbil

    XT Riders

    Here is my 77 with some minor mods. Starts first kick everytime. Makes for a fun ride. Love this bike! Mods include braided steel oil lines, braided steel top end oil kit, S&W Long travel shocks, Progressive fork springs, TT brake stay, K&N in factory drilled airbox, Rejeted stock 79 TT carb, Shorty power levers, full exhaust system, 15 tooth countershaft sproket, case saver, and a few other nick nacks I can't remember right now. Just ordered new stickers for the side panels to make it look better. Bill
  2. thumperbil

    Help ... can't find parts anywhere

    Not sure if a XR is the same head but there is one on ebay now. Item 180106528261 Good luck with your project.
  3. thumperbil

    A fresh TT that just won't go!

    From the sounds of the symptoms I would lean tward the points being wet or corroded. When these bikes are set up right they are 1-2 kick machines. Get a manual and set the points correctly or install new points and it should be a runner. Cool conversion by the way! Bill
  4. thumperbil

    What is your funniest dirt bike story or memory?

    Went riding with 2 friends both were named Dan. First Dan rode a stripped XL350, second Dan rode a XR100 and I was riding my new (at the time)XT200. We rode up an old smooth graded logging road with grass about 2" tall. Smooth as silk and XL350 Dan was in the lead, XR100 Dan was between us, and all of us were doing about 30mph. XL350 Dan pulled the front end up hard, XR100 Dan dissapeared completely, I stopped. Dan on the XL was laughing his arse off. I got off my bike and walked up to a big hole in the middle of the road. Couldnt see it untill you were right on it. Runoff from the mountain had washed a ditch across the road about 8' across and 8' deep. XR100 Dan was lying on the oposite side face down with his upper body on the road and legs dangling over the side gasping for air because he had the wind knocked out of him. Bike was at the bottom. I couldn't help it, laughed my arse off at him. Took a while but we got his bike out and him on it. Long slow ride back as he was really bruised and sore. Bill
  5. thumperbil

    XT/TT oil lines

    I am in the process of changing my ebay name from billalb to thumperparts and have stuff under both handles right now. Waiting for some sunshine to get better pics. The NW weather has been wet and gray lately. Contact me there as this is not the forum for solicitations. Dont want to step on any toes or cause problems. Thanks Bill
  6. thumperbil

    XT/TT oil lines

    Yeah I remember the clutch, wish your wife wasnt waiting in the car so we had more time to straighten out your wiring. From the looks of your postings your having a bit of trouble with the TT. If you need a hand let me know, would be happy to assist. Bill
  7. thumperbil

    XT/TT oil lines

    So far they are on my XT500 SR500 and my soon to be long travel TT500. Never had a leak or problem. Sold a bunch and everyone seems to like them quite a bit. Bill
  8. thumperbil

    XT/TT oil lines

    Hi guys I am the one making the lines and yes they are all stainless steel. Lots of work into them and they work great. I use everything I sell on my own bikes and ensure high quality. Glad to see you Hopweels Bill