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  1. kppolo

    Dies when RPM is below 2k RPM

    And your fuel screw definitely has not vibrated out?
  2. kppolo

    Yosh RS-2 vs TRC

    I got mine from here for $634.95. They quoted me the $673.95 that they put on their e-bay auction, but I stated what price it was on their website and they honored it no questions asked. They did receive the pipe from Parts Unlimited.. http://www.pacific-powersports.com/product_info.php?products_id=1982
  3. kppolo

    my first spill on my buds SM!!!

    Put The bike up on a center stand and loosen the bar mount screws quite a bit and the 8 bolts on the triples. The forks should straighten up by themselves, and then move the bars until they are about even and you should be good to go. Then re-torque everything and take a test ride.
  4. I would'nt find that wear to be unusual for the stock 208's if you are riding fairly aggressively. I think my stock rear made it ~3000 miles before it looked like that, the rear also felt extremely greasy and would slide all over the place under heavy downshifting or moderate braking. Definitely time to replace though.