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  1. WRC

    throttle stop and cnd grey wire mod???

    I unhooked the grey wire on my 07 WR 450 (USA) I did notice a slight performance gain. But it also seemed to give the bike alot more engine braking on downhill runs. I didnt like that feature so I hooked it backup.
  2. WRC

    Grey wire mod - Is there a downside?

    The only down side I had with it was too much engine braking coming down hills with no throttle. I changed it back, it has more than enough power for me:ride:
  3. WRC

    wr sprokets

    I dropped a tooth on the front to a 12, it has made a world of difference for me. I ride mostly tight stuff rutted tree lined trails.
  4. WRC

    barkbuster question

    I have been using the Cycra probends for about a year I think they are great. The only thing I dont like about they is the protectors are just a little to BIG. I havent been able to find smaller ones that will work on the Probends
  5. I have also been thinking about a dual-sport,trying to plate a WR or maybe a 525 KTM, but after seeing your Husky I belive I really need to check into them! Sweet ride.
  6. WRC

    Sumter National Enduro Video

    I cant get over how many times that rider didnt shift. Iam always dicking around with the shift lever when I shouldnt be:banghead: Those riders have great skills:worthy:
  7. WRC

    Digital Speedo on 2007 WR

    I tried to keep a total mileage readout on the B tripometer, but reset it to 0 by mistake when I reset the A. I also wish it had a total miles mode. For all the other crap it has race mode blah, blah, blah,TOTAL time for a ride blah, blah ,blah should have total miles:blah:
  8. WRC

    ktm 08 530xc w review

    Thanks for the review ktmdestroyer, Iam thinking about a new 450 or 525? I have riden Yamahas for a long time and have a 07 WR 450 now but have been wanting to get a KTM for quite some time. I have noticed as I lurk on the KTM site that alot of people seem to have some problems with the 08 models. Iam not trying to get flamed here, I just want to make sure that this is not a on going problem with the 08s before I layout my hard earned money. A friend that rides Orange said he would wait on the new models to see how they perform in the long run, or get a low hour 07 if possible.You seem to be getting great service out of yours, thanks again for the review and I will watch for updates as you post them.
  9. 71 Maico radial fin 400. Primary chains going to pieces along with the case they were in. But scary fast when it was running.
  10. WRC

    Bike Carrier

    dl19 think you have the right idea. I needed a hauler quickly when I bought my bike, so I purchased a Joe Hauler a great unit. If I would have had the time I too would have built it myself just like the unit I bought. Check a Joe Hauler design fairly lite and strong. I just added one support from the outside tiedown bar back to the rail itself.
  11. WRC

    Bar width reconsidered

    I havent done the pushup test but I cut 1 inch off the ends of my stock 07 WR bars. Tried them yesterday for the first time, they were alot better in the tight stuff, but I did notice that I had some problems with control when I hit a rutted section. Overall I think they were better, but the jury is still out:ride:
  12. Rode Hollister today, found someones plate off thier bike today. If its yours PM me with the number and I will get it to you.Oh by the way great conditions, lower field closed, all the upper stuff in great condition. I dont really like the mud but had cabin fever had to get out!
  13. I had this same thing happen to me just yesterday with a MSR HD tube and a new Dunlop 756. Iam sure I nicked the tube trying to install the tire on the rim:banghead:
  14. WRC

    Well At Least I'll Get A New Helmet

    Neversurfaced, you didnt go "over the bars" on the Virgin Mary did you ? That is one sweet looking bike:ride: , glad you and Old Dude are OK.
  15. I had two late 90s KDXs, really a great all around bike IMHO. But being 6" 4'' and two twentyfive lbs was too much for that little 200cc engine. My 07 wr450 isnt a bad ride either:ride: