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  1. I have an 87 warrior that I and 2 mechanics cannot figure out. I will run great when cold but after about 10 min of hard riding (when it gets hot), it cuts out, backfires and dies frequently. History: I have replaced CDI, Coil, had carb rebuilt, and then looked at again. Stator checks out. I have a K&N air filter (clean), new spark plug. I believe it does need a valve job, due to it smoking profusely when first starting it, however everyone says, that it ok, the valve guides are letting oil from the top end leak into the cylinder. Can bad valves cause this cutting out after warmed up. Please help me. I am at loss for any other ideas. Thank you Rich
  2. Richcrani

    89 Warrior CDI question

    I just replaced my cdi on my 87 warrior, however that was not my backfiring problem. The old cdi is still good but there is no way to test it. That is why I replaced it. I am willing to sell it for 1/2 price of my new one. If you are interested e-mail me at richcrani@msn.com
  3. Mostly trail, I'm trying to get into sand.
  4. Two strokes are easier to start the motor, however you need to be able to handle the powerband. You cannot lug them down like a 4-stroke.