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  1. Cheers
  2. Very Nice Mine at Knott End - A Lancashire bike meet place..
  3. Bump!
  4. Does anyone know where I can order an original set of Honda XR600R tank graphics for me bike, that will post them to the UK? I'm trying to clean the old girl up a bit. If not the originals then another set that will fit my tank?
  5. COOL Excellent editing by the way! - Oh and its ur fault i have a load of the Crystal Method MP3's LOL Good Job!
  6. Sorry if u guys have seen it before, but even so, u gotta love it.
  7. I have a 1994 XR600 Supermoto- Love it!
  8. Hi all, new on here, - here's my 1994 XR600 Supermoto It's a little old and been binned a few times, but I love it, has had a few mods, airbox is bigger, K&N filter, Micron Race can, excel rims, Talon Hubs, not sure on the details, but it's had bigger Cams put in it, and some mods to the jetting, Renthal bars, Braking 320mm Front disk, Braking Calliper and braided lines to both front and rear.... Fast throttle, - more like an on/off switch! Pollisport headlight fairing thingy. It used to be a supermoto race bike, well, what can I say, it's fun