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  1. scudmotodude

    10 min ride

  2. scudmotodude

    1994 XR600R Graphics

  3. scudmotodude

    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

    Very Nice Mine at Knott End - A Lancashire bike meet place..
  4. scudmotodude

    1994 XR600R Graphics

  5. scudmotodude

    1994 XR600R Graphics

    Does anyone know where I can order an original set of Honda XR600R tank graphics for me bike, that will post them to the UK? I'm trying to clean the old girl up a bit. If not the originals then another set that will fit my tank?
  6. scudmotodude

    Probably seen b4

    COOL Excellent editing by the way! - Oh and its ur fault i have a load of the Crystal Method MP3's LOL Good Job!
  7. scudmotodude

    Probably seen b4

    Sorry if u guys have seen it before, but even so, u gotta love it.
  8. scudmotodude

    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

    My turn