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  1. Getting into SM this month. Whats the best bike to start building a SM for race only? CRF450R or KTM or Yamaha???? Pleased to hear. Rgds, P99
  2. P99

    Power Now OR Power Now Plus?

    Agree 100%, they are snake oil. JD Jetting and AP Mod is where you need to spend your time and money. Rgds, P99
  3. Good Day Eddie Many thanks again for your advice. Changed the AP Cover back to stock, moved the needle to the 3rd position. Bike runs much better, more and smoother power from idle to 3/4 throttle. Now full throttle is not as smooth, so will try a smaller main jet. Fuel screw at 2 turns, will try different settings and see if I can reduce the crackle and pop on decel. Thanks again Eddie. Brgds, P99
  4. Good Day Eddie, Many thanks for your advice, much appreciated. Will put the stock cover back on and see how it runs. Will post result. Brgds, P99
  5. Good Day, 2005 CRF250X - 07 R head - KBW Valves and Springs - Hot Cams Stage 1 - Weisco reg comp piston - Q4 - Air Box Open - O-Ring Mod - Boyssen Quick Shot - No Back Fire Screen - 0 - 2000 Feet - 60 - 75 F - 42 Pilot - 170 Main - 1.75 turns out on the screw, any more or less seems to bring on the "BOG", turning the screw out reduces the popping on decel but increases the bog. - Red Needle, 4th position, tried 5th, but mid range seemed to suffer - Currently running 13x49, planning to change to 13x52 - Tight single track 90% of the time - Ok power bottom to mid - Awesome mid to top end, much better than with the X head and stock cam. - Popping on decel, more when hot - No problems starting, when hot need to use hot start lever Would like to improve bottom to mid and reduce popping on decel if possible Bottom to mid, power is there but not very "snappy" Mid to top end, very "snappy". Expect that the change in gearing will have me riding in the mid range more of the time, but would like to improve the bottom to mid if possible. Any suggestions very much appreciated. Brgds, P99