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  1. tank22

    Yamaha Dyno

    Has anyone got a dyno printout or HP rating for a YFZ 450 07 so i can compare with mine. Thanks:
  2. tank22

    Which is the best aftermark exhaust to suit 07 raptor

    Watch out for the blue preditor with the 450 mods throwing out gravel.
  3. tank22

    Need help jetting 05 YFZ 450

    Thanks for the imput guys, Im about 15-20meters ubove sea level, standard clip setting (witch i dont know what setting it is) and dont know to do the exhaust mod.
  4. I have a White Brothers pro exhaust and would like to know what jetting and other mods i can do?
  5. Can someone please tell me if white bros pro exhaust are good, and what jet mods i need for it.