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  1. rankamateur

    CRF230R Headlight melted

    The heat from the bulb(genuine Honda) filament melted a big patch in the middle of the headlight lens on my 2009 model. Has this happened to anyone else? I thought the lens on my 2006 was glass when it cracked, how long have they been plastic?
  2. rankamateur

    Brand New 2010 230F - Won't change up gears

    Finally sucked it up and took it back to the dealer. Turns out the spring loaded section on the right hand end of the shifter shaft was jamming in it's retracted position because the part was sightly curved instead of straight. They rebuilt it with all new parts, brought it home and it missed 5 up-shifts in the first six changes. Missed five in the next ride over about an hour and only missed one change today in about two hours. We might be getting close to a win.
  3. rankamateur

    Brand New 2010 230F - Won't change up gears

    One month in the change is much more reliable upto 4th gear, I use the higher gears less, so they haven't run in as much. It feel like it has rough edges on the selector spool that are wearing off as it runs in. I bought 2 CRF 150 and a CRF 230 on the same day three years ago and all three had various oil leaks from new, this 230 doesn't leak at all so I am really trying to avoid letting them pull it down if it's avoidable. It was running OEM oil but I change it to Gulf Western 10w30 Premium Energy SM, but that made no difference to the changes.
  4. rankamateur

    is the 230 rear shock height adjustable?

    the lowering link is a great idea, doubtful about the value, $133.00US, as soon as you install it the kick stand will be too long and you will break your brake lever.
  5. rankamateur

    Brand New 2010 230F - Won't change up gears

    The dealer suggested contact with the case too, it just isn't the case. The bike is in brand new condition, but the gear shift is slowly improving on lower, often used gears but is still hopeless changing from 5th to 6th. It still won't change 2nd to 3rd reliably. It usually changes up after the third or fourth attempt, not much help if you want to change up and get going.
  6. Traded my 2007 on the 2010 and it won't change up beyond second unless I roll the revs right back to idle before each change. Otherwise it just jams the shifter just above middle and stays in the gear it was in. If I can get it into higher gears it sounds fine and shifts back down normally. My dealer hasn't seen this problem before. Has anyone else had this problem? What was the fix?
  7. rankamateur

    Crf230 to TTR250?

    I am about to make exactly this trade CRF230 to TTR250 for one reason, get back to an air cooled Japanese bike. I traded 3 Japanese XR's on 3 Brazillian CRF's and it wasn't a good trade. For a start all three failed in the fork boots in under 4 months, the warranty replacements lasted equally poorly. I have owned Kawasaki, Suzuki and Honda bikes and I am really looking forward to my TTR, I hope it's quality is as I expect from genuine Japanese.
  8. rankamateur

    CRF 230 Cam spocket moved on cam shaft

    Put the motor back together this afternoon, It runs better, stronger and smoother than ever before. The exhaust valve was pitted around 1/3 of it's circumference. The shop that rebuilt the head said it has probrably been like that since new, now it has more compression and more power. I compared it to another bike the same age when it was 4 months old, the two bikes sounded quite different so that may be the reason. I took it back to the dealer but they just abused me and charge me for a service and sent me away. I think I got a lemon so it might be time to trade it in and spin the dice again. The two 150 s we picked up the same day have been brilliant. Might need a CRF250X this time around.
  9. rankamateur

    CRF 150 Timing Chain

    I broke the end off the spring on my 230 and it let all hell break loose. I have two 150 s as well and I am going to put new springs in all three, it costs too much when it fails. Loosen the phillips head screw on the adjuster then undo the two hex head bolts and pull out the tensioner, be careful of the metal gasket. Take off the retaining ring and the middle will come out of the adjuster. Spring is like a clock spring down in the bottom of the housing. Takes some patience to get back in so don't it out if it isn't broken!!! The spring engages the slot in the that you see when you take out the phillips head screw.
  10. Has any one heard of the sprocket hub turning on the camshaft. I have 2007 model and the spring in the cam chain adjuster broke, then the cam chain jumped off the top sprocket at very low revs luckily. When I got the bent valves in the head repaired and put the engine back together, lined up the timing marks, the vales were opening at the firing mark and motor will not run. Turns out the srocket hub has turned about 30 degrees on the shaft and it has no keyway to keep it aligned anyway, just friction of the press fit. Has any one else heard of this happening, I pressed it back on with the notch in line with one bolt holes, could someone check a manual under replace camshaft bearing, see if that is the correct alignment, thanks guys.
  11. rankamateur

    CRF230 timing chain skipping!

    I have just had my 2007 CRF230 cam chain jump off he back of the top sprocket, bent both valves. Caused by the spring (like a clock spring) in the tensioner breaking at the end in the slot on the tensioner. I own two CRF150s with the same tensioner so am now worried about them too.
  12. rankamateur

    XR200 Clutch removal questions??

    I own a 2000 model XR200 and it is the most unreliable new bike I ever bought. At 3 months old it wouldn't run properly and was over heating. Since it was just out of warranty I was advised to replace the timing chain and guide with no result, then the Carb needle and seat still no result, after chasing wild geese for another 9 months turns out the exhaust lobe was completely gone off the cam shaft , Replaced cam shaft and exhaust tappet and it got a lot better until the spark advancer flew apart and cut it's drive pin off. Meanwhile I have replaced three sets of fork seals, honing the shafts each time, Then needed to replace piston rings to arrest blowby. It is a heap of crap compared to the rest of my fleet(2x XR100 and 1x XR80), they seem to go on for ever. Anyway back to the point, my flywheel puller which as you can see has had plenty of work is just a bolt out of the crankshaft pulley on a Daihatsu diesel truck engine that was lying in the shed. I think it is a 16mm bolt, a fine tread 1mm pitch I think and right hand tread, and it works just fine