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  1. swish

    Brought home another CR500! :-)

    Nice 500,good in the trails eh?!
  2. swish

    Rock Tips

    Do not fixate on an obstacle, look for the line around it.If you look at the rock you will hit it!
  3. swish

    Teeter Totter design?

    Hey Andrzej, Come to the Wingham XS sprint this August-13 and 14th.There is one there.The ramp was made of steel,it was a little slippery with a piece of 2" pipe welded to the bottom and slid through another pice of pipe. Where abouts do you live? Dave
  4. swish

    what did you do to your cr today

    Starting to put parts back on the frame,got the swingarm on,rear tire/rim mounted,new front tire,tube and rimlock mounted,forks back on and brakes bled.It starting to look like a bike again.
  5. swish

    hare scramble passing

    I have to agree with MJ, try and get the best start you can and let the faster riders by. Very nice trails,Our HS's are way tighter than that,first gear racing in the woods.
  6. swish

    what did you do to your cr today

    polished the frame,rebuilt forks,waiting for top end parts,also removed some dents from the pipe. 2000 Cr 250
  7. swish

    FMF Gnarly

    I'm running the fatty with a turbine core 2 pn a 00 cr 250.I couldn't find a knarly around here when I was looking for one so I bought the Fatty. It has alot more bottom and mid than the stocker and still pulls hard on the top.Our HS's are tight single track with some open sections and like was said above,time is made up in the open sections.
  8. swish

    Finally doing top end

    Hey Northwoods, I'm sure you've heard of Royal Distributing, also try Eric Russel at A Viscious Cycle.I've bought a few things through him that were cheaper than Royal.Fatty pipe etc. Dave
  9. swish

    Snow Bike

    How does the CR handle turning that track? Looks fun!!
  10. swish

    Anyone tried the Magura Hyd.clutch?

    Magura claims 20% less effort.Auto clutch is what I'm going to try though.
  11. swish

    Anyone tried the Magura Hyd.clutch?

    Right on,thanks for the input.I was thinking that the auto clutch was the way to go.
  12. I'm just wondering if anyone is using or has any any experience with the magura hydraulic clutch. I'm racing harescrambles here and they are typically slow and tight with lots of clutching. I'm riding a 2000 cr250 with a fmf fatty,turbine core 2 silencer,VF3 reeds and dropped 1 tooth on the front sprocket. I'm getting tennis elbow really bad and have a hell of a time holding on at the end of the races. I was wondering about the hyd clutch or possibly an auto clutch? Thanks
  13. swish

    two hour hare scramble on stock tank?

    I think you will be very close with the 125, I can get about 1.8 hours on my stock tank(cr250). My nephew can do better than that on his YZ 125. Better safe than sorry, stop for a 5 second pit and take a bit of fuel. Good Luck!
  14. swish

    Dyna ring auto clutch

    I'm not sure about the engagement,here is a link to what Rob wrote about the Dyna Ring. http://www.dirtybikesxtreme.ca/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=108:revloc-dyna-ring&catid=55:components&Itemid=91
  15. swish

    Dyna ring auto clutch

    I think i wrote springs,not rings