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  1. Trentec

    DR-(Z) 200cc Engine Rebuild

    this bike is for sale. If interestd let me know!
  2. Trentec

    lt 230 head update

    Let me know if you want to borrow my gearhead avatar! 1500 respect points to Tom. Very cool work.
  3. Trentec

    86 DR200 engine swap?

    The upper mount bracket will have to be fabricated and carb clearance becomes an issue depending on the carb used. Modified the 200 can really haul the mail, I'm not sure exactly how much power it makes but it's easily double and it wouldn't surprise me if it were triple the stock number or more. The crankcase itself is a bolt in however the cylinder is taller by a half inch or so. All my mods to the engine were made to the top end, stock from the head down. The side covers from the 125 fit the 200 case so it can look a little newer, the originals on mine were pretty worn. You can use the 125 front sprocket on the 200 motor.
  4. Trentec

    Interesting mods to my 125L

    My combo is scattered all over this forum so I will recap the performance items and you can assume what isn't mentioned is stock: Case, cylinder and head from a 1986 DR200 dirt only version no E-start. Head, bowl blended and ported on the exhaust side I mainly opened it to fit the bigger exhaust and semi polished and matched to the intake boot (enlarged the 200 boot) on the intake side. I removed two layers of the head gasket to bump the compression and used a sealer to help keep it from leaking, so far so good. It runs a TM32 from a 91,92 dirt only DR250 with throttle shaft mods to move the cable to the other side due to clearance issues with the gas tank. The top rear of the carb got to meet the grinder and the dremel to clear the frame. The "air chamber lid was also reshaped and fastened with two screws on top. The airbox intake tube was way too small so I cut it off and ended up using a heat riser tube from an old Chevy! until a better idea comes a long it fit the OD of the carb boot (lifted from the 200 doner) exactly and flows all the motor can stand. The exhaust is a 91-93 dirt only DR250 and had to be cut, welded and shortened in a couple of places to fit the 125. The slip on flange from the 125 header slipped right on the 250 pipe after the heat gaurd tabs were ground off. The last item is a SuperTrapp and since I had no access to a dyno it was a huge help to balance the combo and made a big difference with just a single disc one way or the other. The cam is for an LT230 from Web Cam part # 70-271 it is plenty for this combo IMO but I'm sure other cams could do as well but I know this one has no clearance issues. Hope that helps.
  5. Trentec

    Interesting mods to my 125L

    No I lost interest in it when the 5 speed was unable to reach top speed in fifth where I ride. I do believe it's possible though and may mock assemble it in the future just to find out for sure. I have a spare 200 and the original 125 amongst other parts I aquired prior to my build.
  6. Trentec

    Interesting mods to my 125L

    The combo I built is easily more than double the stock engine I believe it's close to triple. I wanted to use the 230 aftermarket piston but I was worried about valve clearance. If memory serves the depth of the combustion chamber was deeper on the 230 head versus the 200. The six speed hinges on the clutch side 200 components mating to the 125 gears in a 200 case. I did find that the splines are the same on the basket though the 200 is a disc or two deeper. The sixth gear is replaced with a built in spacer on the ajacent gear in the five speed 125 (same tranny). One of the two needed gears and drum are no longer available I got mine from Ebay for $15.00.
  7. Trentec

    Shorter kickstart lever possible?

    No part number on the kicker, pretty sure it's stock but I cant be sure.
  8. Trentec

    Shorter kickstart lever possible?

    I didn't think about that it could be from another bike, it fit and worked so I never gave it any thought I will look it over closer in the morning and see if there is a part number on it.
  9. Trentec

    Shorter kickstart lever possible?

    Mine was a lot shorter than a 1/2 inch maybe I have an oddball or a really long 125 kicker!
  10. Trentec

    Shorter kickstart lever possible?

    I'm sure there are others but the kick start version on the 86 DR200 had a much shorter kick starter, I used the 125 kicker on the 200 so I'm sure it fits.
  11. Trentec


    The new version has a few features I would have loved to have while I was tuning my bike.
  12. Trentec

    First suspension upgrade.

    For a 12 year old at 100 pounds I would think any of the shocks mentioned would be fine but if you choose the OEM style look for one with the smaller reservoir like the one in the pic on the previous page and you should have no major problems. Mine has the large reservoir but it only works due to some frame modifications otherwise it would have never fit over the pipe. There are many good examples of the shock install to follow. The only benefit I see to the works shock is that it presumably would be valved for the added weight and different suspension geometry of the DRZ and that you can specify the spring weight so you should get a more workable shock out of the box though it does come at a much higher initial price. The OEM styles will likly have to have a new spring to fit the new application so you may want to investigate that issue and add it to the price and see where your at before you lay down any money. Re-valving is optional as many do not have it done and I am not the one to say if it's needed or not but I suspect it is. When you add that to the price the works shock may not be such a bad deal. Not to mention it's a bolt in install.
  13. Trentec


    My 28 is stamped 42A20 and the 32 is 15D0. The replacement part # is 15D01.
  14. Trentec


    The best I can tell the 28 and 32 are identical but for the bore, slide and jetting. A few other things are application specific like the pump cam and throttle wheel. It will be a challenge to mount on the 125 so think it through before you drop any money on one there are easier options but you lose the a\p in most cases. The value of the pumper is that with my high rpm cam ported, polished and bowl blended head DR250 header and mid pipe there is no off idle stumble it just rips.
  15. Trentec


    I put the 32 on a modified 200 so I would think 31 would work fine on a 190. I am not familiar with the "ss" version, the TM's I have both came off of dirt only models. My 200 revs quicker than the 125 ever did and pulls hard until I release the throttle so the carb worked great for me. It took some grinding and relocating of some parts to make it fit but it would have about a half inch or so more room on a 125 cylinder-Head combo. Below is the carb I am talking about.