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    2001 YZ250F - Basket Case ...

    I ended up getting the "basket case" for $300.00. It wasn't as in good as shape as the seller claimed. The sprockets were worn down so far the chain could have easily split over the teeth. I told him, anybody who would ever let there sprockets get that bad DOES NOT take care of his bike and rides it until it brakes ... like this one. Still have yet to evaluate if all the motor parts are in deed in the basket. So, still not quite sure if I will be rebuilding or parting it out. Did the 2001 come with inserted seats in the head on these bikes? Pete W.
  2. PeteWolf

    2001 YZ250F - Basket Case ...

    I kinda thought the same thing. Even if I didn't rebuild it ... parting it out on Ebay should make a few more bucks then what I pay for it. Maybe you can PM your email to me so we exchange info while rebuilding. Not that I would have much to offer you in experience ... but two, three, four, or a Forum is Always Better than one. Thanks for the reply. Pete W.
  3. PeteWolf

    2001 YZ250F - Basket Case ...

    Thank You MUCH for the very informative post. I will need to take a 2-1/2 hour drive to check this bike out and get it, but base on your post I will be doing it today. I will keep you posted on what I find/get. PeteW.
  4. PeteWolf

    2001 YZ250F - Basket Case ...

    I forgot to mention Valves too ... they would need replaced as well... so I am told. A motor would cost me .... about how much would be a good price? $500.00??? Thanks Pete W.
  5. Hello, I have a chance to purchase a “Basket Case” 2001 YZ250F for $400.00 or best offer. It is literally torn completely down. It had blown a Rod and put it through the Cylinder. The guy took the bike completely apart as well as the Motor. All of it is in a basket. He says the bike is in good shape except for the motor. He claims all it needs is a new cylinder, rod, piston, Valves, and rings. I need to respond to this offer TODAY. My question is this: Will this be worth buying for $300.00-$400.00 and replacing the parts and putting it back together. Now I have experience with 4-strokes; however, I have never worked one of these high rev. motors or taken one apart … also been 2-strokes, and older 4-strokes. Will I be getting myself in over my head (I do not feel I would be) … I am not in a big hurry to get it back together and I would reply on many of you people to get answers as I do put it back together? What manual is going to be the most comprehensive and best for this project? I would think I would be spending another $1000.00 to get this bike back together … does that sound about right? I do not have a problem with that since; when I get done with it I would have a New Motor on a fairly newer bike frame. Thoughts please …. Thanks, PeteWolf