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    mototown accident

    Utah Joe I asked where a statement was from the AG. Anytime there is an accident or accidents like these and investigation is done. Given the fact that the town manager of Windsor (Mr. Sousa) is the one who said the emt's have been responding to Mototown twice a week since last September,(not a very good track record) and they are working to figure out what can be done to improve, and or make this place safer. He is saying this issue has to be addressed, and fixed. I never said i was waiting for nor did I want the state to do their thing, but because of Mr. Sousa's remarks, the State is involved, and that is what I meant to convey. I have never told anyone what to think or do. What you all do, is your business!!!! I'm questioning what is going on. If all this is being caused by Carbon Monoxide, then this is serious. It is nice to know that others are having the same problems such as: headaches, dizziness, up set stomachs, etc. All I was trying to do, is let everyone who didn't hear the news last night,, on the closing of Mototown, because of high Carbon Monoxide Levels. This was all reported FOX news last night. As far as My son, he won't be at the facility till we feel it is safe. I feel the same as everyone esle, that maybe if we all get together, and stay away, the problem will be addressed and fix. It is again, a GREAT PLACE, And muchly needed up in the NorthEast. Please understand, I am not trying nor do I want to affend anyone.
  2. motorcrossmom

    mototown accident

    Utah Joe What I do with my son is not up to you!!! I never told anyone to ask for their money back either. The Government, or State is already envolved. If you watched Fox news last night, they are the ones who said the Fire Dept. in the town of ( Poquonock) Windsor are the ones who shut the place down. The Town Manager was the next person interviewed, he said they were investigating it to find out what could be done, to make the place safer. I was only giving out the information that was reported last night. I did not tell anyone what to do, nor did I ever say for others not to ride there. Like I said before, It's a great place, has some things to work out, hopefully sooner, not later.
  3. motorcrossmom

    mototown accident

    to racer2348, I have read your post, I agree. Why haven't more riders mentioned this, my son raced there 2 weeks ago, he came home with a headache, and upset stomach, and just wanted to sleep. Has anyone checked into the symstoms of Carbon Monoxide, maybe someone should, I don't want to say, this is what was wrong with my son, I didn't pay attention till last night, when Fox reported this. Everything is pointing now to the State, and why are they allowing this continue, I have been told by my husband, that they have had to stop practice, to clear the place out, and let fresh air in. If the Town Manager of Windsor is checking on this, Where is the States Attorney Gerneral , and why is he not making a statement ? Where is OSHA????? The employees are at risk also? How many more injuries, and deaths will it take to get this facility in proper running order? Sorry Mr. DeFranzo, I know you never dreamed this would happen, but in order to have something as wonderful as you planned, you have to overcome all the bumps and hurdles. This place is your dream, and given time, you will have a facility that will outshine all others. I am confident you will get all the rights in place, and have a number one operation.
  4. motorcrossmom

    mototown accident

    Fox news reported last night at 10 o'clock, that Mototown had been shut down again, The Windsor EMTS had been called because 2 riders had collided, the staff thought medical attention was needed. When the emts arrived, They reported high levels of carbon monoxide. The Windsor fire Dept. then shut them down. They also reported that the Town of Windsors manager (Peter Sousa) was working with the state of Conn., to make sure and find out what can be done to make the place safer. It was the fire dept who shut it down for high levels of Carbon Monoxide. They also stated in the report that the emts for the town of Windsor has been called to the facility twice a week since the day it opened. The guy who was hurt is listed according to the journal inquirer, in critical condition.
  5. motorcrossmom

    mototown accident

    all good points, but there are people around you who will push and push, and will eventually break you, till you feel you can do this, My point again is where is the SUPERVISION. The sad news to all of this is you know the "someones" who will find the legal in's and out's.
  6. motorcrossmom

    mototown accident

    I am writing this from someone who is just there to watch. I not a critic of the sport, I love to watch, and appreciate what everyone is doing to advance this sport. I feel for the families of those who have lost someone at Mototown. Fox 61 had this story as the front runner, along with channel 22 in Mass. Fox reported the young man died, 22 could not confirm with officals his condition. I think at this point in time the track needs more supervision, and not from inexperienced help. I don't mean someone who rides just for fun, or knows how to fix a broken part on the bike, I could read a manual and say I am qaulified to do this job. The AMA should step in and supervise, I have never seen anyone who seems to be qualified as a pro rider there to supervise or teach. I know John Dowd has practiced there, I was there the day they were reddoing the Whoops so they would be SuperCross style. Dowd was there because of the Arena Cross at Mohegan Sun, and couldn't make it South Carolina to practice. We were told a limited practice session for the public. We decided to look around for awhile, and then left. Ok, I understand that they closed the track to the public so Dowd could practice, That is great he is a pro. If you have younger children, and even older ones that don't have the experience to ride or race here, you might have mixed feelings now, I have new fears, yes I have to overcome these, but it is my own feelings that these accidents will only continue. The is a lack of experienced personal, and supervision, is disturbing. I think more should be done to break the riders up, and more questions asked when you sign in, maybe a questioniare about your riding experience. The fact that everyone signs a waiver does not mean pooh in this world today, any good legal team can find a loop hole. I love the facility, but please everyone becareful, and my GOD be with all of you.