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    AFE Air Filter

    I will keep everyone posted. It does suck to have things fail, but if it had worked it would have been awesome. I just think a little more testing was required in the many terrain types TT members ride. The fine silt seems to be the issue with these filters. You can see the ring on the gasket where it was sealed to the air box so there really is no way I installed it incorrectly. I guess we will see what they come back with. They seem to be a stand up company, but how do you compensate some one for what might happen in the future? I know it isn't good for the bike but it hasn't blown up yet ....
  2. yam90

    AFE Air Filter

    Had a response from AFE, just waiting to here what they are going to do with this mess!
  3. yam90

    AFE Air Filter

    The AFE filters do not work. Great concept but unfortunately I don't think we will get away from oil! I was quite disappointed as I had ordered them at the same time Norcalride experienced his failure with the Filters. I destroyed the two I had received as AFE told me they were defective and they had to change them. I received the new fitlers over a month after I destroyed the first ones. I figured they would have rectified the problem so I installed one on the ole yz450. I smeared grease on the inside just to catch any little bit of silt that could possibly make it through. Well turns out I didn't even need the grease, there was actually fine silt pooled in the bottom of the intake and the grease was brown. The sad part is that I wasn't even riding in the most dusty of conditions and the filter still let the fine silt through. I even have a picture on the inside of the filter that shows the silt coming right through, there is a fine brown layer trailing right out of the filter. I can't post attachments yet but when I can I will put my photo's up. Now the only question is ... how badly have I hurt my motor? How much does running some silt through a fourstoke affect its life, performance, etc...? The carb makes a scratching sound as I turn the throttle, as there is no doubt sand in it!! I notified AFE of the problem Monday morning and have not heard back form them yet. I will keep everyone posted!
  4. yam90

    AFE Air Filter

    I ran one on my 2007 Yz450F ....
  5. I have owned an 04 and currently own an 06 WR450 and now I have recently bought an 07. I removed the air induction as usual and made some jetting adjustments. Now when I open the throttle fast from an idle the bike stalls out. If I slowly open it a bit from an idle and crack it open it works fine. I pulled the carb off my 06 (as it works perfect) and when I installed it on the 07 it does the same thing, dies if throttle is cracked from an idle. I also swapped the carb from the 07 onto the 06 and the 06 runs fine with it. If anyone has any idea what can be causing this bike to die I would really appreciate it. You can only imagine how frustrated this is making me ..... :applause: