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  1. HELIFLR- FOR PRESIDENT.... took the words out of my mouth.... REDRIDER305- why not 20 tracks, surf and turf, helicopers..what??? my only complaints about the track are too many rocks and wish it was a little less expensive.. i can see griff is trying and is waiting to get better with more permanance... and I like the fact that he is a rider- he has helped me out.. would not want to see a former "SUB SHOP OWNER" out there not knowing SH*T......I could care less about anything but the track itself.. i can't even believe how rediculous some requests are... really I want an electric helmet cooler and boot dryer in the rest room- an have the rest room attendant rub my feet while I am waiting.. i'm just happy not to have to travel an extra 50 miles to seminole
  2. thanks for the info-- so just to confirm-- you have to put what looks like an enclosed nut onto the threaded pieace inside of the flywhell- then put the puller on counter clockwise and turn the large bolt at the end of the puller against the direction that the puller is put on, i.e clockwise? ok- i', gonna give it another shot with a impact gun- if I can find a socket big wenough--- does this sound right???
  3. hello all- trying to go ride- I have searched the forums - but I guess this is so simple everyone but me knows how to do it... i got the retaning nut off- have flywheel puller installed.. is appears to only work 1 way- turn out side bolt clockwise and hold puller from coming out.. but I have put more toque on that thing than I am comfotable with and it will not budge- what am I doing wrong?? PLEASE HELP - MISSING MY WEEKEND RIDE Thanks Mike