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  1. ghettoman44

    How old were you when you started riding?

    i was 2 on the front of my dad's 250, and had my own little 3 wheeler. been riding ever since.
  2. ghettoman44

    biggest rider youve ever seen?

    I had to hitch a ride with a HUGE guy once when my bike broke,a little bigger than the one on the original post, but i could barely grab the edges from the front of his chest protector and i barely even fit on the back of the bike, it was pretty scary not knowing if i was going to hit a bad bump and fall on my butt and he wouldnt even have known
  3. ghettoman44

    Say What!!! (ST.Louis pic)

    im actually kind of glad bubba got a taste of his own medicine, he deserved it, and now he's crying cause he didnt have his way.
  4. ghettoman44

    Military riding

    I dont consider the comitment much of a comitment, especially if im flying like i would love to do for a job, but i just consider it my job and thats my life, would you consider a job at any other office a comitment, its more of a privilage to be doing a job you love.I would say go for it. and a minor note about the AF academy pilot slots, its about 50% for the entire class but only about 55% of the class actually want a pilot slot, so its about a 95% chance of getting pilot if you are qualified and really want it.
  5. i prefer to have the open space to move around and go where i please.
  6. ghettoman44

    Military riding

    I understand all the risks and what not, its just sooo frustrating that i havent riden in 4 years alraedy, its just killing me to stay off the bike, but thank you all for the advice, i really appreciate every bit of it
  7. ghettoman44

    Military riding

    I am currently at the Air Force Academy and am about to head out to the "real" AF and i was wondering if anyone had any two cents about being in the military and being able to go riding. specifically if anyone went through pilot training and knows if there is time or a place to ride and keep your bike?
  8. ghettoman44

    Clothing Advice

    When i was racing in So Cal in the desert in the summer, it got very hot and we would wear ice vests under our jerseys. im sure they make some somewhere, but its cheap and easy to make yourself. just get a t-shirt and sew on some washclothes folded over to make a pocket. get some thin square tupperwear to freeze ice blocks in that would fit in the pocket of the washcloth. i would have 2 on my front and 2 on my back. at the start of the race, everyone was over heating, and i was freezing my butt off wating to get started so i could warm up. they would last about 2 hours depending on the size of the ice
  9. ghettoman44

    Need opinions!!!!

    I have been racing desert for most of my life and i couldnt do a race without one. Not only has it saved my butt a few times from crashing, but it really helps out on the arm pump from having to keep the bars straight. I have done a few motocross races and it was a miracle there aswell. it helps a lot with the studdar bumbs and whoop section. for more tighter tracks, i would recomend taking it off, or setting to its lowest possible setting, if you have time on a bigger track, like a desert race or so, you can adjust as you ride for the terrain you are in. I absolutely love them
  10. ghettoman44

    Who cant ride??

    its not injuries but Ive been riding since i was a little tike, and now im currently at the Air Force Academy and they wont let us ride a motorcycle at all, so ive been off the bike for 4 years. but in 91 days, i will be able to be back out on the track. its just about the worst thing that could have happened, but i guess its a sacrifice i must make.
  11. ghettoman44

    What do 15 year olds ride?

    i was a scrawny little fart of 5'7 about a buck 10 wet and i was on a 125.
  12. ghettoman44

    Noob ?

    I whole heartidly agree, unless you have been riding for many years and have the experience of riding many bikes set up in every way possible, there is no telling how great the bike is. unless you ride the bike to its max potential, it shouldnt matter as much
  13. ghettoman44

    this is cool

    what no "white boy" to describe RC?
  14. So I definately dont have the money to buy a new truck to haul a bike around and all i have is a little dodge neon, does anyone have any experience with pulling a trailer and bike with a small car? I need to know if its just a terrible idea or if i can get away with it. either way i need haul my bike to get out riding.