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    I used to ride all the time with DanO, Kdaddy, Payloan and Witdogg. Now after a few heavy injuries I ride my Harley, camp, surf, paddle board and spend time with my wife and kids and come on here to make sure everybody knows those guys are fags.

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  1. TheBlackSheep

    Brought a 2005 WR250 back to life.......

    Yes, it's a e-start. I've been around this bike plenty. It's not a gas eater like my WR450 was.
  2. TheBlackSheep

    Brought a 2005 WR250 back to life.......

    Here's the finished product. She's ready to go! Here's a start to finish collage. Hope you like the pics.
  3. TheBlackSheep

    Brought a 2005 WR250 back to life.......

    Thanks guys! The original owner did all the "free" mods plus the JD jetting kit. New shifter and Moose footpegs. Ebay is evil. New supersprox sprocket, chain, chain guide. Freshened up the ASV levers with a $10 rebuild kit and installed Fastway handguards.
  4. TheBlackSheep

    Brought a 2005 WR250 back to life.......

    Took the pipe to Dubach Racing and they fixed the broken tube, rebadged it, repacked and polished it for under $100
  5. TheBlackSheep

    Brought a 2005 WR250 back to life.......

    Next was a complete carb rebuild. Yikes! Ready to go
  6. TheBlackSheep

    Brought a 2005 WR250 back to life.......

    After a lot of washing and elbow grease, the 1st order of business was a set of used yz250 raditors off ebay and a pair of Flatland radiator cages.
  7. TheBlackSheep

    Brought a 2005 WR250 back to life.......

    Both radiators were smashed pretty bad and leaking. Pulled the pipe apart and she was in pretty bad shape too.
  8. TheBlackSheep

    Brought a 2005 WR250 back to life.......

    Once home, she got a thorough cleaning and a parts list was made. Check out that air filter
  9. The original owner of this bike was a good buddy of mine who bought it new in 2006 and definitely got his money's worth out of it. Somewhere around 2009 he decided to quit riding, park his butt on the couch and drink beer all day. My boss bought the bike from my buddy a year later for his son and put a bunch of money in the engine. His son crashed it and parked it in the corner of our welding shop at our office. It sat here in the corner for 2 years rotting away. Flat tires, carb full of fuel, dead battery, smashed radiators from the crash, twisted handlebars, etc. My son is 13 and ready for a bigger bike so I worked out a deal with the boss and brought her home.
  10. I was having major problems with my 2013. It ran so hot it blew the head gasket under 20 hours. I de-smogged, got the EU map loaded and installed the Pro Moto Billet end cap and felt a huge gain After that I wasted $100 on the FMF Snap
  11. TheBlackSheep

    SX Fantasy coming soon...

    Rando, you're lagging on the standings update!
  12. TheBlackSheep

    Malcom Stewart is one of THE MOST...........

    My experience with Malcolm is he's a punk and I don't like him. He attended a autograph event at Langston Motorsports last year before A1. He openly complained the whole time, rolled his eyes, and complained when my son asked him to sign his jersey instead of the poster they were handing out. Dungey, Roczen, and the others had no problem. They even stepped away from the table to take a pic. Not Malcolm and those badass dreads he's rocking.
  13. TheBlackSheep

    SX Fantasy coming soon...

    Any update on this?
  14. TheBlackSheep

    Caselli Memorial Thread: Positive Vibes ONLY

    Represent! If you see me on the 91 or 15 freeways feel free to give a brotherly honk. If I flipped you off, sorry man, the 91 sucks and road rage gets the best of me every time.