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  1. tbrown86

    Used 1997 XR600R Questions HELP PLEASE

    Well I've decided not to get the bike at this time. So there is a 1997 Xr600R for sale in north west arkansas. The link is in this thread.
  2. tbrown86

    1997 Xr60r Mpg

    I'm buying the dirt bike for the dirtbike, The street legal part is just a bonus.
  3. tbrown86

    Tank Swap???

    Can you put an XR650R tank and shrouds on a 1997 Xr600R. i like the way the take looks. Makes it look more modern. Has anyone done this? Pictures? Thanks, Tyrell:ride:
  4. tbrown86

    1997 Xr60r Mpg

    Well the bike is street legal but I also ride it around when i wasnt riding my 400ex or one of the other dirtbikes. we have alot of chat piles here in southwest missouri. Their kind fun to ride on. It deffinatly wouldnt be main mode of transportation.
  5. tbrown86

    1997 Xr60r Mpg

    What kind of gas milege do you guys get with your XR600Rs. This would be for city riding. I found a 97 and i'm thinking of buying to to ride on the road to save miles and fuel. Thanks, Tyrell:ride:
  6. tbrown86

    Used 1997 XR600R Questions HELP PLEASE

    What part of kansas do you live in? If its the eastern part we have the same kind of terrain. Does your bike do alright for you?
  7. tbrown86

    Used 1997 XR600R Questions HELP PLEASE

    I was bumping it because i just want some more reassurance*. I dont ride wide open desert. Its mainly hay fields and trails. Is this a good bike for that kind of riding? Some people say it is, some say it isnt. Thats why i'm hesitating on pulling the trigger. I'm an expirenced rider. Will this bike be ok for trails?
  8. tbrown86

    Used 1997 XR600R Questions HELP PLEASE

    Here is a couple pictures of the bike i'm lookin at. Can you still get alot of parts and accessories for it? I'm going to go test ride it this next weekend. What do you guys think? http://fayar.craigslist.org/mcy/281069587.html
  9. tbrown86

    little help here... starting the dam bike

    Top Dead Center for the piston.
  10. tbrown86

    Newbie XR400R or XR600R

    I live in Joplin MO. Southwest missouri. The bike is in Eureka Springs Arkansas. I think i'm going to go ahead and get it. And if i buy it and dont like it, it sounds like i can get rid of it pretty easy. Thanks, TYRell
  11. tbrown86

    Used 1997 XR600R Questions HELP PLEASE

    Thanks for the responses. Is there anything I should really check out on the frame, motor, etc for excessive wear. Any weak points? I dont want to get burned. Thanks, Tyrell
  12. tbrown86

    Newbie XR400R or XR600R

    Thanks for all the responses. We'll here in Missouri there isnt much in the way of sand dunes. I think the 400 might be better suited for me but I just hate to pass up the 600 deal. I'm going to have to think about. I do appriciate your responses. Thanks, Tyrell
  13. tbrown86

    Newbie XR400R or XR600R

    Hello, I'm in the market for a used XR dirtbike. I have several other smaller bikes but am looking for something bigger. I have a 1980 XL80S, 82 XR200R, and a 2002 TRX400EX. I've also owned a 2001 Husqvarna CR125. I found a 1997 XR600R for sale that seems to be in good shape. THey want $1500 for it. I cant decided between a 400 or 600. What are the pros and cons of each. How much more does the 600 weigh? I've searched the threads and cannot find a thread comparing these two bikes. I do mostly slow trail riding. I also want to be able to get back on the MX track but just for fun. No more racing. Thanks for the advice.
  14. Hello, I'm new to this forum but not to Xr Hondas. I own a 1982 Honda XR200R. I'm looking to buy a newer XR. I was really looking for a XR400R but i've come across a good deal I think. Its a 1997 XR600R. Bone Stock. The guy is asking $1500. Its in average shape, a few scratches here and there. Is this in fact a good deal? I paid $800 for my 82' 200r. OH and this 600R is taged and street legal here in Missouri. My only problem is that I really think i'd have more fun on a 400R. I'm 5'10" 200LBS Can you ride the 600 on tight technical trails or MX tracks for fun? I'm not going to competativley race either of them. I'm having a hard time deciding wether to go with a good deal now or wait to get what I think I really want. Thanks for the Advice.