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  1. lynchie400

    Look for these two bikes!

    About 2 months ago, some guy tried to sell me a 2003 250F for 1700 bucks.. The bike was sweet , like new.. It was from texas! He had no title.He tried to tell me texas cycles dont have titles! He had a DMV print out that said there was a lien holder.. Household auto finance or something like that.. Basically the bike was stolen out of texas and he was looking for a cheap sell..When i called him back and told him he wa full of crap he went missing...Im am in phoenix Arizona.. If i where you i would look in the phoenix craigslist listings... you might find something there and be sure to look in nearby states..
  2. lynchie400

    Enjoy MFG Graphics on my YZ400F

    there is very mild " whities" in the rear... i forgot about the heat gun trick.. thanks dude..
  3. lynchie400

    Coming back from crash???

    Oh man, i just hit head on with a guy 3 weeks ago, me knee doesnt feel right , my shoulder feels like it has pins when a sleep and my foot still feels like i have a nail through the top of it.. But.... i will NEVER stop riding ..i knew i had to ride the next weekend to "get the bugs out"..unfortunatley..When im in a wheel chair due to age or my wife i will no longer ride..I LOVE it too much.. I think if YOU find your WANT and WILL and LOVE for riding youll get back on...I was scared for the first hour of trail riding as well, but just be safe, upgrade your gear, choose better riding areas without squids and thing of the sort.look further ahead. Think ahead ,think about where you are riding and possible dangers like what has happened..I never thought i would actually hit another rider head on.. I had always been able to swirve away.. I wrote a huge " My crash" here on thumper talk. I think i have changed my name from xr600lynch since then... anyways.. If you LOVE it....... youll ride, your balls will grow and your bike will love you back..If not i guess we wont be hearing from you any more.. Youll have to write to shifterKart.com or horsebackridinginthecountry.com.. GET back on dude.. dont be a sally...crash happens ,sh%t stinks ,crashes make you stronger...ETC
  4. lynchie400

    Enjoy MFG Graphics on my YZ400F

    Everyone who sees it, other than guys who own them, think its an 05 or 06 450f. minus the alum frame...
  5. lynchie400

    Enjoy MFG Graphics on my YZ400F

    i finally remembered how to put a pic in here...
  6. lynchie400

    Enjoy MFG Graphics on my YZ400F

    hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!! 98 dude.... thanks for the comment.. My bike's head just got bigger!
  7. $50 on ebay.. Had problems with USPS mail guy. Love the graphics. Went on sweet. Great Cut and thickness.. Wish i could find some other colors or style for next year when these have been ridden off my bike..
  8. lynchie400

    Enjoy mfg. graphics problems

    Well , i just recieved my Enjoy graphics kit.. Its really sweet. Went on very very smooth..I have seen alot of bad news about Enjoy from a couple years back.. They have had some bumps. But they did answer all my calls and emails and Paul was as helpful as he could be.. Turns out USPS sent my graphics to the wrong address and they swore up and down they dropped them off at my door.. Well i left a letter on the guys door whos address resembled mine and he called 1 hour later saying he has had them for a day and to come and get them..But Enjoy graphics have a great Product and they sponser some local pros here in AZ. Give them a try if you like thier look. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/garage.php?do=viewattachment&attachmentid=36582
  9. lynchie400

    shipping and USPS

    I just want to share mt recent events with looking for my parts and that the US postal service had misplaced and lied about.. I had ordered some parts that were claimed to be delivered to my door step by US postal on 2/24.. Funny thing is i was mowing my lawn and watched the Postal carrier drive right by my house!!! He never stopped nor did he ring my door bell as he stated.. Well i called and told them please have the carrier check to see that he delivered it to the right address and make sure he didnt drop it on 74th Drive, the address is 74th LANE... Well i spoke with the carrier and the Post master and they swore up and down for two days that it went to 74th LANE!! So i took it upon myself to leave a note on 74th DRIVE's door,4 blocks away. Sure enough i get a phone call from him and hour later saying he has had my package since Sat!!!!!!! AND he gets my mail ALL the time!!!!!!!!! I am so furious with USPS right now... I am constantly ordering parts for my bike .. So many vendors deal with angry frustrated buyers when the problem is our lazy , dont give a f--k, USPS mail carriers.. this man obviously did not check where he dropped it nor did he have the balls to say he accidentally dropped it at the wrong address!!! My riding buddies.... be aware of this problem.... dont be so quick to accuse your vendor or seller....I know USPS is very busy and there are plenty of good hard working postal employees.. but as far as the carriers in glendale AZ. I will never have anything posative to say..
  10. lynchie400

    Enjoy mfg. graphics problems

    i just order stuff from them in which case it seems as if USPS has lost them... i have yet too find out what going on......i am very frustrated...