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    im liking this dirtbiking thing
  1. NvrOwndValves

    CR250R: which pipe and reeds

    wow, this is a good post. i have a 2000 cr250 thats stock and lookin to upgrade a little bit. from the magazine "motocross action", they recommended the pro circuit works pipe with the vforce 3 reeds on the 2002. (i think thats for all recent CR's, if im not mistaken.) they said that it really helped blend the power band from low to mid. i think im gettin the reeds first so if you havnt bought anything by then, ill let you know what i think of it compared to stock. ill keep you posted
  2. NvrOwndValves

    chain tension???

    i got a 00 cr250 so its basically the same. i dont know about exactly the same, though. my manual says 1 1/5" of total slop with the swingarm totally extended
  3. NvrOwndValves

    2001 cr250 any good??

    i agree with bwp jockey; in 2002 honda changed their engine design to that case-reed sumthin madilly; all i know is that it ran really weird and was nearly impossible to jet correctly. i think it is a tad high too. although i bought my 2000 for exatly $2300:lol:
  4. NvrOwndValves

    Sorry I'm new!

    i think 32/1 is a safe mix. on my 250, thats what the manual recomended but it may be different. sry i couldnt help more.
  5. NvrOwndValves

    White Radiator Shrouds

    oh thats awesome. i actually never saw what it looked like. only on other bikes. its cool to see how it will look even with my stock seat. thanx for the pix
  6. NvrOwndValves

    White Radiator Shrouds

    thankyou so much. ive been lookin for quite a while and didnt even think of UFO or even heard of the other one thanx again
  7. NvrOwndValves

    I am the luckiest 14 y/o ever

    dude i know exactly how you feel. i got a CR250 about a month ago. I LOVE IT. they said that the certain year supposedly "handles bad" but i dont care. i ride desert so as long as it goes haha:lol: quick fact, Jermey Mcgrath LOVED his HONDA 1993 CR250 so much, he raced that same bike until 1996. your bike is still said to be the greatest handling honda ever. great find man, good luck
  8. NvrOwndValves

    White Radiator Shrouds

    i ride a completely stock 2000 CR250 and want a new look. Acerbis offers all the other peices in white EXCEPT the scoops. anybody know of where i could find some or if any other ones will fit? thanx. help appreciated