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  1. thank you very much! were are the spots to put grease on? ive thought the linkage from de rear suspension.
  2. 52 visits not a single reply? please need advice
  3. Hiiii everyone!! i registered a long time ago! all the time learning and looking at posts. now its time i need help please. there is a good good deal in a yamaha shop here in spain! there is a yz 250 2stroke of 2005 that has never been sold,never used or nothing. just been there for all these years siting waiting for someone to buy it. the dealer is giving me a very good offer. the questions are that its been there for so many years without using. he told me that there is no oil or liquids inside so it should be fine! will it be rusty inside¿? in the cilinder, gear box etc... will i have problems with that bike. maybe something broken for all these years? have i got to change the suspension oil and lubricate everything on the bike? the bike has been there without a stand. its leaning on the triangle. will i have problems with the suspensions? please help me and give me tips. im not very confident on buying it, but if there is no problems for so many years sitting there ill get it! thank you! sorry for my english im spanish