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  1. Torquepipe

    95-current KDX rear fender

    Anyone have an extra one ? Looking for the original style (not mx). Mine is an 01 KDX200. Contact me @ wolfengine@tds.net my name is Dave. Thanks
  2. Torquepipe

    is the 07 valvetrain interchangable with the 06

    Put the Faction SS intake kit in it & ride on.
  3. Torquepipe

    Where to buy intake valve springs?

    Man these Kibblewhites are brand new, I don't need new valves. I just can't believe noone sells the springs for these valves at a 'reasonable' price.
  4. I have an 06 CRF250R which has had kibblewhite intake valves installed. I would like to install compatable springs for these valves (still has stock springs). Anyone know where to buy just the intake springs at a reasonable price? I am finding the faction intake kits (valves, springs, etc) to be less expensive than just the springs...
  5. Torquepipe

    KX250F Jetting 201: PC or TG?

    Primal, everything I have seen shows that TG also recommends the NCYS needle just like PC. eg. Part---------------Stock------ Pro Circuit--------Team Green Main Jet------------180----------170-----------------175 Needle-------------NCYU--------NCYS---------------NCYS Clip Position-------2 or 3----------4--------------------4 Pilot Jet-------------40-----------42-------------------42 Fuel Screw (out)---1 3/4----------3-------------------2.5 Leak Jet-------------60-----------50-------------------50
  6. Torquepipe

    Bog landing from jumps

    Don't you mean a 45 pilot instead of leak jet?
  7. Torquepipe

    cleaning air filter

    Use mineral spirits instead of kerosene. Cuts the same, but no smell
  8. Torquepipe

    Is my pilot circuit too rich if..

    I have been messing with the jetting ALOT to try & get rid of a decel pop. I currently have a #175 main, #50 leak, 45 pilot @ 1&1/2 turns out, & stock needle in stock position. Just got a NCYS needle in mail today & after I put that in, I will be @ TG specs if I put the 42 pilot back in. Still trying to find that popping bug!!!
  9. Torquepipe

    Throttle FreePlay!

    Mine was like that too when I got it. There are two cables coming out of the throttle. Loosen the plastic lock nut on both & adjust them until you get just a tiny bit of play or to your liking, then re-tighten the lock nuts...done.
  10. Torquepipe

    Is my pilot circuit too rich if..

    I can crack the throttle hard off idle & kill the engine ?
  11. Torquepipe


    Yes, I do it, except, I use mineral spirits (no smell). I have a 5 gal bucket with lid. Just wash in the bucket & replace the lid afterwards. Works well.
  12. Torquepipe

    Popping.. arrrrrrrgh ! :- (

    It is a copper o-ring type gasket (I suppose it has a certain amount of crush installed). Part # is 11061-0027 & it cost $3.95 from motosport.com.
  13. Torquepipe

    Popping.. arrrrrrrgh ! :- (

    Hey appreciate the input. Sounds like a shared experience. I am trying TG specs on the jetting (everything in except the needle;on backorder). Also, I ordered a new header gasket upon suggestion by a fellow member , getting ready to install that. I am really at my wits end, but my experience is like yours in that it is really only bad on the street, don't really notice it in the dirt. It is just one of those things that trigger an obcessive compulsive response in me, and I just want to get rid of it. I wanna be able to ride down a road & let off the gas with noise... serenity now... serenity now !
  14. Torquepipe

    Need header nut torque specs 07'

    Thank you.
  15. Torquepipe

    Hitting neutral

    Adjusting my shift lever upward helped me with this problem