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  1. ronnier38930

    Hand Grips !!

    Thanks for all the suggestions!! where can i get some "3M Super Weatherstrip Adhesive" ?? I live in a small town and what is safety wire
  2. ronnier38930

    Hand Grips !!

    thanks for the reply i will try it
  3. ronnier38930

    Hand Grips !!

    I got some new hand grips and I am having a problem with them not sticking. I used super glue and all that did was freeze up my entire throttle. What can I use to get the hand grips to stick ?? Super glue does not seem to be the answer
  4. ronnier38930

    07 YZ250F Shifting problem

    My bike is fairly new (2 months) yet out of warranty. Shifting from 1st to 2nd it is somewhat difficult. It shifts every time but sometimes if I do not put a lot of upward pressure it will stay in neutral. It just seems really hard from but from 2-5 it shifts just fine. If there anything i can check or is this normal for YZ250F's Thanks,
  5. ronnier38930

    Help choosing Spring YZ250F

    Hi everyone. I have a 2007 YZ250F. I need help on choosing a better spring for the rear. I weigh about 230 and I think i need a better spring for my weight. Can someone make some suggestions and send me a few links.... Thanks in advance.
  6. ronnier38930

    Jetting expert needed..HELP !

    Right now the bike is stock but i am wanting to add the stage one cams. I figure it will need to be jetted once i do this upgrade. I called hot cams and they told me they would not recommend a jetting spec cause of so many differences in bikes and what not. The bike is stock now and runs good just a little lag when i give the throttle an agressive turn from a slow speed. once it start wraping out it really gets up and goes. thanks for your help
  7. ronnier38930

    Jetting expert needed..HELP !

    Where are the jetting experts today ?
  8. Experts, I am new to all the mechanical aspects of dirt bikes and need some assistance. I just purchased me a 2007 YZ250F about 5 weeks ago. I am wanting to add the stage 1 exhaust and intake hot cams but have no clue about jetting. I have watched the install vids a million times and it looks like something I can do. I also have a friend who is going to help me who has experience. My question is, what is a good jetting combo for what im about to do. I want to go ahead and order the jets so all this can be done at once. 1. which jets and where to order them? 2. any links or vids on jetting my bike Thanks in advance !
  9. ronnier38930

    Hot Cam questions

    Anyone have any suggestions about jetting in conjunction with my first question
  10. ronnier38930

    Hot Cam questions

    Hey everyone im pretty new to all this but im researching some upgrades. I keep hearing about hot cams and I have a few questions. 2007 YZ250F 1 month old 1. What is the difference in stage 1 and 2 hot cams ?? And should I install both? 2. Is there any other thing i need to upgrade when I do this.... jets ? can I leave everything else stock ? 3. What will i notice when/ if i install both cam's ?? I watched the video's and it does look like a very simplistic task, maybe im wrong? what is the hardest part of doing the upgrade ??
  11. ronnier38930

    quick mods

    Hey everyone im pretty to motocross bikes and just purchased me a 07 yz250f. Can someone send me some links to some free or low cost mods i could do to my bike. I would like to get all the HP out if it i can from a low cost then start with the more technical stuff thanks
  12. ronnier38930

    Graphics kit

  13. ronnier38930

    Graphics kit

    hey, can someone list some places where i can look at some graphics kits. I found a few searching here and there but nothing i really like. Also, will a graphics kit for a 06 yz250f fit a 07 yz250f. I would also like to find some kits that change the color of the plastics Thanks
  14. ronnier38930

    My new 07 YZ250f

    I just stoped in a dealership 5 weeks ago and saw it and just made a purchase. Saw it liked it and wrote a check. To be honest i have never been on a dirt bike before until i purchased my YZ250F........