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  1. philski

    Heated grips on drz400s?

    Best solution is definately both muffs & grips - I have the Oxford Sports heated grips ("hot grips") and muffs fitted on my SM for the winter, and I can ride in sub zero temps with thin summer gloves, they're that good.
  2. Firstly, apologies if this has been covered already, I have searched here but not found an answer yet. I have an '06 SM, with an FCR-MX (from TT store kit) fitted, and PAIR valve removed. If I want to install a chain oiler ("Scottoiler") that needs to be hooked up to a vacuum port, what is the best point to connect it to? The DRZ instructions from scottoiler say to T into the PAIR valve vacuum line that runs from the Mikuni, but obviously I cant do that. Is there a vacuum I can use on the FCR? I don't have a vacuum petcock, so didn't use the vacuum port in the cylinder block when I installed the FCR - can i use that for an oiler instead? Thanks in advance ....
  3. philski

    Yoshimura RS2 Nightmare.....

    I had similar problems with my RS2. I ended up removing the PAIR valve which was getting in the way with the bottom of the header pipe somewhat - there's a thread from headster on removing it somewhere. Its a throwaway item only installed on Europe bikes, which means the US guys may not share your pain when doing their installs I do remember swearing very loudly with the whole thing as it does take some serious jiggling to get it all lined up. Unfortunately I ended up taking mine off about a month later, as I just got fed up with the racket. Even earplugs didn't block out the sound enough to stop it pissing me off. Did look nice though !
  4. philski

    uk readers

    i'm in surrey, 06 SM in yellow
  5. can anyone help with the thread size & pitch for replacement brake nipples? Pro bolt supply stainless nipples in M7 x 1.00, M8 x 1.25 or M10, not sure which size will fit. This is for a 06 SM, by the way
  6. I've just finished installing my FCR-MX from the TT kit on my 06 SM. Also removed the pair valve and associated pipes, cut the 3x3, and installed a Yoshi RS2 full system. I encountered many of the problems that others on here have posted about, and thanks to many useful posts, I got through them OK. I've decided to run with the plug in the yosh, as I commute into the city and the full open pipe is just too loud - I took it round my home area yesterday; curtains were twitching and an old ladies dog tried to bolt when I shut off the throttle and started "popping" . So I will need to change the main jet to run with the plug in. Question: while I'm waiting for the new 155 main jet to arrive, is there anything I can temporarily do to run better with the plug and a 160 main (should I cover up some of the 3 x 3? Setup is currently as per recommendation for a open pipe: 160 main, EMN clip 3, removed PAJ, 2 turns out on screw etc). Also, I've had to jiggle things around a bit to get the throttle wheel clear of the breather box thats bolted to the frame. The throttle wasn't snapping shut properly, I've been through several tank on/off's, repositioned the throttle cables etc, and it seems better, but there is still some light contact between wheel and breather box. How much clearance have others got between the breather and the throttle wheel? Finally THANKS to everyone who posted tips & advice here for the FCR install - invaluable stuff , also to the chap who wrote up the PAIR valve procedure, very helpful.
  7. philski

    K&N worth the money?

    I'm about to start pimping my stock 06 SM, with the aim of more power/less weight. I have ordered FCR carb and hotcams from the TT store, will do the 3x3 and am actively looking for a suitable yoshi pipe. Steel brake lines are also in the post as we speak. Question then, is should I K&N? new filter costs in the region of 35gbp (approx 70usd), will it make much difference with the above mods in place? If I can get a decent price with my local bike shop to do a few dyno runs, I'll post up some before/after metrics so we can measure their results.
  8. may be useful to some other members, since there is no direct suzuki parts outlet, these are the prices (GBP) for some OE parts that I have been quoted in the last week or two from dealers .. tank £286.21 h/light cowl £39.44 fork covers £49.99 ea. seat £235.00 rear fender £46.44 speedo cable £10.68 why suzuki can't have a standard parts order hotline/website is beyond me, they need to get with the times ...
  9. philski

    DRZ 400 Yellow / Blue seat cover

    I'll be putting my yellow/blue 06 seat on ebay in the next couple of weeks. WIl post a link to the auction for you when its there. I'll be selling the whole seat unit, not just the cover. I will ship to SA if you want to pay that much. Will try and get an idea of price for you.
  10. philski

    Lift-stand recommend..

    I use the Eazyrizer bikelift.... www.on-bike.com or www.bikelift.com works superbly, is light, and easy to store. Also lifts the bike to about 5 feet - good for working underneath, or on chain/sprockets etc. You secure the bike on the lift by clamping the kickstand (or you can use the footpegs). Excellent product, if a little expensive. Used mine on various road/dirt bikes.
  11. philski

    E seat on an SM

    does the seat off an E fit an SM?
  12. philski

    FCR Carb Kits in stock this week....

    Brian - are you able to ship one of these to the UK? Can you give me a price for the shipping?
  13. Well, with black being a much heavier colour I'm hoping it will force me to slow down - I have 6 points on my license now, so will have to stop riding like a nut. Thanks for the black-tank tip. Sorry for being a bit dense here: are you saying there are no aftremarket plastics made for the SM ? (although that would at least match with my findings so far ). Plastics specified as being for an S model won' fit an SM?
  14. Hi one and all! I'm converting my '06 sm from yellow to black over winter, mostly just for the hell of it I have some questions I was hoping to get some help with ... 1. What aftermarket plastics are recommended for an SM? Read some mixed reviews on here about the clarke tanks (finish), can anyone recommend a good alternative (pref with a lockable cap:thumbsup: ). 2. Can any UK based guys recommend a good supplier for Acerbis/UFO etc aftermarket plastics? I have grabbed some used side panels from e-bay, but i don't knw how long I would have to wait for 2nd hand tank/shrouds/fenders etc. 3. I want to powder-coat the swingarm in black. I have access to a spare swingarm from an S model - is this the same as an SM swingarm? Thanks for any help!
  15. philski

    OK, lurkers...you could at least say hello!

    OK, OK - I have been doing some lurking - but I also posted once shortly after joining:) I recently bought an 06 SM, and have been enjoying my daily hack to work more than ever. Planning a few mods as funds allow or if anyone wants to give me their FCR carb I'll fit it right away . I had the carbon look mirrors and suzuki low seat fitted by the dealer when I bought. Low seat is not good - like sitting on a length of 4" x 2" (the 2" side at that) but I quite like the mirrors. Once the 600ml service is out the way I'll start on performance mods. I'm thinking about 3x3 hole + pipe + FCR, have I missed anything that would give me a better bang per buck (short of a bigbore) ?