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  1. Hey Eddie, I was reading your answers to a similar problem and you asked if it bogs while riding the quad. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-392244.html I don't see the problem when riding since I am never idling but when I whack the throttle from idle, it dies or comes close. I have wired the AP GYTR needle on 4th clip 162 main 45 pilot fuel screw 2 turns out air box lid off I left the fuel screw 2 turns out because even with the 42 stock pilot, following you idle circuit procudure, it never stumbles and chokes out like you describe. Down to 1/2 turn. Any ideas?
  2. bg2003

    Yamaha 04 yfz450 jetting

    I have a totally stock bike with the stock bog off idle. If I tune the idle circuit first, will that change after I do the JD needle and main? Or should I do the JD kit first since that might help the bog off idle and work on the idle circuit after if it still needs it?
  3. bg2003

    how much oil

    Go to Yamaha.com at the link below, sign up and you can get free owners manuals back to 98. https://www.yamaha-motor.com/sport/myyamaha/login/L3Nwb3J0L215eWFtYWhhL2hvbWUuYXNweA==/starthere.aspx
  4. bg2003

    yfz450 bog

    Thanks but that does not help. I am sure with the proper jetting this thing jump when I hit it. I am too used to my 88 Banshee to settle for bog. Nothing on the #1 side but the choke. Must be different on the quads.
  5. I have a stock 04 yfz450 that does not really bog, but dies when I go from idle to wot. From what I read here, I need to tune the idle circuit, time the AP, and get a smaller leak jet in the #55 range. Does this sound right? Most fcr carbs I see pics of look different than mine. I don't have a hot start plug for one and I don't see an obvious idle adjust unless it is that black disc on the back of the tps. The pdf manual I bought has a 3 page exploded view of the carb but doesn't show an idle adjust. Anyone know what I am looking for? Maybe a manual that shows the basics.